Today’s Breakfast #5

Well, I am supposed to do this blog entry yesterday. But as usual, I got lazy but here it comes now. LOL!


Mushroom Vegetarian Bun | B$0.90

It was mid month of lunar month June yesterday. So as usual, I have to be vegan for half a day yesterday. Mom steamed some of the leftover vegetarian buns which she kept frozen inside the freezer. Don’t ask me how long it had been in the freezer, I had no idea. Hahaha … xD We bought it from Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant. They used to be good, especially their Mushroom Vegetarian Bun. But the quality sort of degraded over the past few months. Not sure if they have a new chef or what.


Winter Melon Soup with Mock Abalone

Mom made a pot of Winter Melon Soup with Mock Abalone. Hahaha … I love Mock Abalone hence you could guess the reason why I had a bowl of soup for breakfast. LOL!

On the side note, a picture of what I had at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) last Sunday morning while waiting to meet up with Kaylie for lunch at Fun Wok Hong Kong Restaurant.


Single Shot Cappucino | B$4.10

For your information, CBTL is currently doing a Ramadhan promotion whereby you will get 15% discount. I am not sure what are the terms and conditions. I only realized that they were giving this promotional deal when I was going through the receipt in hand. Hahaha …


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