Sunday Lunch @ Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

As promised, here comes my second blog entry of the day. I am gonna make this short and brief as my shoulder is still aching and I can’t be typing away much. My favorite place when it comes to Japanese cuisine is always Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. I actually wanted to try the newly opened Excapade Sushi Bandar but I was too tired to walk a longer distance to the said restaurant as I had been starving since morning as I did not have a proper breakfast prior to my massage at Thann Sanctuary Spa. But don’t worry, I’ll try Excapade Sushi Bandar some day soon.

I had just realized that quite a lot of people were still unaware that Excapade Sushi had opened another branch in the town center like almost two weeks ago. For those of you who are working in the town center, you can have Japanese cuisine for lunch as often as you wish to if you are not so keen on burning a hole in your wallet at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. The reason why I preferred Kaizen Sushi Waterfront over Excapade Sushi wasn’t because of the ambiance but purely because Kaizen Sushi Waterfront doesn’t have much MSG in their dishes.

Anyways, here comes the food pictures …


Sake Temaki | B$3.60

I was never a Temaki person before but I had been ordering Temaki lately whenever I am dining at a Japanese restaurant. Maybe not at Misato Teppan Grill previously. LOL! As usual, the sashimi at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront are the best in my opinion. They are always the juiciest and freshest in my opinion. The seaweed was crispy as well.


Tori Teridon | B$7.20

I rarely order Tori Teridon whenever I am at a Japanese restaurant but I decided to have something different this time around. Doesn’t feel like cracking my brain thinking what to order when I am already starving. The meal came with preserved radish and miso soup. The soup was a little bit salty for my liking but still acceptable. The fried chicken thigh was pretty juicy and tender in my opinion. Portion was just right enough to curb my hunger. Hahaha …

Anyways, that’s all for today. Gonna get some rest now because my shoulder pain getting more worse.

See you when we meet again next time. Ciao … xD

Kaizen Sushi Waterfront
Block G, First Floor,
Yayasan Complex,
Jalan McArthur,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2226336


8 thoughts on “Sunday Lunch @ Kaizen Sushi Waterfront

  1. Well you’ve left me hungry after reading this! Kidding xD Haha that’s kinda funny because i’ve always wanted to try temaki & bento dishes if i dine to Japanese restaurant next time. I’ve been craving for tempura & korokke too :9 I wanna learn how to cook Japanese foods lol

    • Korokke? Are you actually referring to Karage?

      I rarely go for tempura dishes when I am eating alone. Doesn’t wanna look like I could eat a lot. Hahaha …

      I actually wanted to try Tako Yaki yesterday but I couldn’t find it on Kaizen Sushi Waterfront menu. Neither could I find Okonomiyaki as well. But my friend did mentioned that Kaizen Sushi Waterfront serves Okonomiyaki.

  2. Nope i do really meant Korokke! It’s a croquette basically, you know 😀 Tempura usually is served in a big proportion meh? Judgin from their menu pic, it look pefectly right of amount to me xD Oh i don’t get the fuss with Takoyaki. I just find it quite bland 😦 Sorry! Haha i really dont know why people like it so much. I’ve never taste Okonomiyaki before 😡 Btw omg yes i just knew it too Excapade open new branch in Bandar! Does it look nice? 😀

    • Hmm … The signage at Excapade Sushi Bandar wasn’t that obvious yet. But judging from the exterior design of the place, you would know that it’s a Japanese restaurant.

      Where did you have your first Takoyaki previously? The one at The Mall? Well, I had my first one there previously. But I find those served at Excapade Sushi or Sushi Tei better.

      Okonomiyaki is basically about the same like Takoyaki just that it came with more vegetables. The only Tempura dish which I would order when I am eating alone is Shiitake Tempura. Never really order Ebi Tempura unless my friends wanted to.

      Oh .. You meant croquette.I had never tried that before but one of my friends like croquette very much that she always order at least one for herself every time she goes to a Japanese restaurant.

  3. OMG how did you know?? LOL yeah from The Mall xD Recently i had one too at Stadium ramadhan & again it’s so bland >.< I know i shouldn't judge it alone based only on that stall until i've tasted the legit ones from Japs restaurants haha. Idk if i would order it though :p

    Aww is it because you're allergic to seafood, hence you couldn't try Ebi Tempura? Sorry. Ebi Tempura is a classic fav of mine. I like the vege based tempura too esp cucumber & carrot! I've only tasted croquette once in KL & it's so oishi!!! I hope here in Brunei it taste great too 😀 Btw lately i've been fascinated by Japanese Hamburg. Idk if they do serve it here. I knew it from Japanese films lolol. It looks so good :9

    Btw sorry about the ' 😡 ' emoticon i've used in my previous comment. I didn't know it would turned out to be displeasing looking lol. I didn't intend to! I looked like a total assh*le using that emoticon xD wtf!

    • Hahaha … No worries … I did not notice the “displeasing” emoticon until you mentioned it here. xD

      Majority people liked the Takoyaki from The Mall, plainly because it’s cheaper than the ones sold at any Japanese restaurants in Brunei. But of course, quality comes with a price to pay. Those served at Japanese restaurants have much more generous portions of seafood compared to the one served at The Mall.

      I preferred the Takoyaki from Sushi Tei though. The size is a perfect fit for the mouth. The one from FunShabu-Shi wasn’t bad either.

      I am not allergic to seafood actually. Well, sometimes I do. I am pretty much allergic to stale clams and mussels. Hmm … If I were to choose between Shiitake Tempura and Ebi Tempura, I would definitely go for the former. Hahaha … No idea why, but mushrooms appeals to me much more than prawns.

      You should try the croquette at Sushi Tei. My friend said it was not bad. It looked nice on the picture too. I think you have seen it in my blog before. Link here to refresh your memory. LOL!

      What is Japanese Hamburg? Japanese version of hamburger? =D

  4. Lemme see if i would try Takoyaki next time 😀 hehe. Thanks for the recommendations! Aww Ebi Tempura is so lovely tho. Why you no love it :3 lol. Ahh yeah i’ve seen that croquette pic! How could i missed it xD Wow it really looks so fine & crispy :9 I’m so craving it right now. You can see the Hamburg here in the youtube video! Just sharing! XD It has a cheese in the inside though in this version. PS: I love the youtuber who made the channel. It’s so nice 😀 I mainly watch it just for pleasing instead of trying to cook the foods XD

    • Ebi Tempura from Kaizen Sushi was not bad. So did the ones from Gohan Sushi Restaurant. The other dishes from Gohan Sushi Restaurant were average only but their Ebi Tempura was good in my opinion.

      Hmmm … You just made my hunger became more serious. LOL! I am starving at the moment. The cooking method looked easy. Maybe I should try making it at home but substitute the beef with minced chicken since I couldn’t eat beef.

      Thanks for the link anyways. xD

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