Review: My Scheming Black Pearl Whitening Black Mask

I had been working till extremely late for the past few days. But luckily enough, my skin complexion had been cooperating with me fairly well to date. *touchwood* I was in the mood for a home based pamper session with a piece of My Scheming Black Pearl Whitening Black Mask the other day albeit I was feeling a bit tired. Hahaha …

Without further ado, here comes my review on My Scheming Black Pearl Whitening Black Mask.


I had gone through most of the sheet masks at the mask aisles of both Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy every time when I am in Miri. But I don’t remember seeing this specific kind of sheet mask. I did not get this from either Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy in Miri though. My sister bought it from Mannings, Nanjing and she gave me a piece of this and another piece of My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Black Mask (which I have used couple of weeks ago but have yet reviewed).

I have tried another brand of black cotton mask previously. I am not sure which Taiwanese brand was the first to release such kind of black cotton sheet mask, but I think it was SexyLook. I tried SexyLook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask previously. The difference between both brands of their black cotton masks is that the ones from SexyLook is slightly thinner than the ones from My Scheming. But in terms of effectiveness, I would say both were good enough.

Like I mentioned above, the texture of My Scheming Black Pearl Whitening Black Mask is slightly thicker than the ones from SexyLook. I liked the cutting of the sheet mask as it fits perfectly onto my face and a little bit extra coming out for a little bit of my chin. The scent was tolerable for me. There wasn’t much fragrance infused into the sheet mask but I could smell a little bit of alcohol here and there.

The one thing which I did not like about this sheet mask is that it couldn’t hold the essence properly like some other sheet masks which I have tried. The essence droplets kept on dripping off from my chin and some left lingering on the chin as well. After removing the sheet mask off my face like 20 minutes later, there are still plentiful of essence left on my face.

I massaged the leftovers onto my skin as much as possible and washed off the rest (I know it’s a waste) but I couldn’t stand the sticky feeling on my face before going to bed. And there was indeed a WOW effect after I massaged the remaining essence onto my skin. My skin was immediately brightened up. No kidding! And honestly speaking, I don’t even think that Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask was this effective the last time I tried (not to say that it’s not good).

1. Fits perfectly onto my face.
2. Skin complexion instantly brightened up.
3. Couldn’t smell any infused fragrance.

1. Sheet mask wasn’t able to hold essence properly.
2. Essence droplets kept on dripping from my chin.
3. Smelled a bit of alcohol here and there.
4. Not easily available.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: To be updated

Repurchase? Yes


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