Review: M | Boutique Inn, Miri

Honestly speaking, I don’t usually stay in an inn whenever I am in Miri. I would usually stay at Imperial Hotel albeit the price is a little bit higher than Imperial Palace Hotel by about RM20? So, when Alan knew that I am staying at M | Boutique Inn this time round, he thought that I must have gone nuts. I think he is used to the me who is always picky and wanted the best for everything.

For the past few times whenever I was in Miri since last October, I stayed at either Imperial Hotel or Meritz Hotel. I liked the rooms at Meritz Hotel but it’s the lifts that I hated. The lifts took forever to arrive and what’s worst was that we have to park our cars quite far away from the lifts at the basement of Bintang Megamall. There is no specific allocated area solely for hotel guests unlike Imperial Hotel.


M | Boutique Inn does not have a grand reception area but it’s acceptable enough to accommodate quite a number of guests at the same time during check-in. I arrived at the inn some time after 1:30p.m. in the afternoon after lunch gathering at Us Delicious with the guys. I waited for roughly 5 minutes before it was my turn to do check-in procedure as there was another family before me. Check-in procedure was a brisk and smooth. All you need to do is provide your name as well as your proof of identity. For my case, I showed them my Identity Card (IC) since I am a Malaysian by nationality.


The room rates of M | Boutique Inn was framed up at the reception counter for easy understanding. I had called in 2 weeks before my arrival date to book for a Single room. The good thing about the room rate at M | Boutique Inn is that the price stated were all nett price whereby you wouldn’t be charged for extra service tax and surcharge. You will be asked to put a deposit amount of RM150 during check-in procedure and the balance shall be returned to you during check-out. The reception operates 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about late check-in as long as you inform the reception earlier about your late arrival so that they wouldn’t let the room to other guests.

I was being given Room 305, which was on the second floor. There was no lift available in the inn itself so you have to take the stairs to your allocated room. The room door was the electronic type whereby you scan it and it will be unlocked. Not like those from Imperial Hotel whereby you have to insert into the designated slot and then wait for it to unlock. But the downside is that you will only be given one key card per room regardless how many guests are staying in the same room. If you wish to request for another key card for your own convenience, there will be a fee for the extra key card.


Albeit I reserved for a Single sized bed, I was being given a Queen sized bed. The room wasn’t very big in my opinion but still spacious enough when I am the only one staying in the room. If you are sharing the room with another friend, I find it a little bit small though. Bath towels are provided in the room but not face towels. So, if you have a habit of using a facial towel as well, remember to bring your own. The bed was quite comfortable and clean enough in my opinion. The pillows were too soft and not hard enough for my liking though.


A Samsung flat screen TV was provided in all rooms. It was quite big, assuming it to be a 32″ flat screen TV. Choices of channels were limited as there were only about 5 to 6 channels available. So, if you are looking for TV entertainment before you go to bed, I would suggest you bring your own notebook or iPad stored with movies or drama series. Remote control was not available in the room during my stay. According to Ing, I have to call the reception and request for it. It doesn’t matter to me since the channels provided didn’t appeal to me.



This is the bathroom, which is very clean in my opinion. I like clean bathroom. The idea of dirty bathroom actually disgusts me. Instantly made my temporary home like home by placing all my skincare products in the bathroom. LOL!



The power shower wasn’t strong enough in my opinion. I still preferred the power shower provided at Meritz Hotel. Shampoo and body wash liquid were provided in two separate dispensers. In order to save some costs, this is the best way so that guests wouldn’t be nicking shampoo and body wash liquid bottles from the room before checking out. I don’t usually use these as I always bring my own toiletries. Those shampoos provided at hotels were usually not suitable for my hair.

So, here’s what I think about the M | Boutique Inn itself.

The place was good and clean enough for a budget stay. Location was ideal as well as it’s located next to one of the major shopping malls – Bintang Megamall. Imperial Mall was within walking distance as well. The nearest bus stop was less than a minute walk from the entrance of the inn. As lift was not provided in the inn itself, elderly with walking issue had to reconsider staying there unless you specifically requested for the rooms next to the reception area. Free WiFi was being provided in all rooms as well as the reception area. The WiFi speed was fast enough for Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and so on. If you are thinking YouTube surfing, I am sorry to say that I don’t think it’s fast enough.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I was being given Room 305 which was located on the second floor. It was raining heavily on the night when I was staying at the inn. I was woken up by the sound of rain water hitting the roof. This wouldn’t be an issue if you are being given rooms on the ground or first floor. As the floors were not spacious enough, you would definitely hear loud noise of rooms closing regardless how softly your neighbors are trying to close the door. And not to mention, you can practically hear everything they talked about.

Parking wouldn’t be a problem if you are staying over the weekend as you are not required to place parking coupon on the dashboard of your car. There is no allocated parking area for hotel guests. But if you coming down to Miri via car, you might need to contact the hotel earlier so that they can reserve a parking space for you outside their entrance.

If you are looking for a clean and budget place to stay, I would highly recommend you M | Boutique Inn.

M | Boutique Inn
Lot 1056, Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre,
98000, Miri, Sarawak,
Tel: +6085-418299

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