Review: BeautyMate Collagen Smooth Nano Eye Mask

Ever since I made it a habit to sleep like around 11:00p.m. every evening since the night when I was in Miri on the week before last, my dark circles hadn’t been that obvious anymore. Sufficient sleeping hours did make a difference on both your eyes as well as your skin complexion. And not forgetting to mention, drinking plentiful of water helps a lot too.

Anyways, here comes my skincare product review on BeautyMate Collagen Smooth Nano Eye Mask which I bought from Sasa on my recent trip to Miri. Every time I am in Miri, I would definitely make a trip to Sasa. But I am always leaving the store empty handed. But I left Sasa with 3 pieces of BeautyMate Collagen Smooth Nano Eye Mask this time round. xD


There are supposedly three different types of this eye mask from BeautyMate – Collagen Smooth, Q10 Reset and Bright Up. But unfortunately, Sasa only has Collagen Smooth on the shelves this time round. I intended to get a piece for trial in the first place but the Sales Assistant at Sasa informed me that the said eye mask is currently on promotional deal whereby you could get 3 pieces for RM10 only when individual selling price is already RM5.90!


The eye mask comes in a pair (obviously) and it’s separated by a protective sheet in between. This is to prevent the eye masks from sticking together making it hard for users to separate them before usage. The texture of the eye masks were no difference compared to the usual facial sheet masks that we used. Like any other facial sheet masks, these eye masks were pre-soaked with generous amount of collagen essence.

The eye masks were able to hold the essence pretty well and the essence doesn’t drip down to make me look as if I am tearing. LOL! And it was able to stay in place rather well as I wasn’t laying down on my bed with the best position and reading an eBook from my iPad at the same time. But unfortunately, it did stung a bit around the upper area of both my cheekbones.

The main functions of the eye mask are to minimize fine lines, enhance elasticity and also continuous hydration for the eyes. Out of the 3 functions, I can only vouch for 2 of them – enhance elasticity and continuous hydration. I do wish that the eye mask would be able to minimize the fine lines around my eye areas. Unfortunately, I can still see them very clearly even when I am not wearing my eyeglasses.

Can anyone also recommend me any good eye cream or serum for fine lines? *sob* The areas around my eyes were definitely “tighter” after removing the eye masks and they were pretty much more moisturized compared to before.

1. Eye areas looked firmer and moisturized after application.
2. Inexpensive.
3. Doesn’t come with highly infused fragrance.
4. Eye mask was pre-soaked with generous amount of collagen essence.
5. Eye mask was able to hold essence well and doesn’t slip downwards.

1. Stung a bit around my upper cheekbones.
2. Doesn’t minimize the appearance of fine lines around my eyes.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: RM5.90/piece

Repurchase? I don’t think so


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