Cooking Diary Day #18

I am always a vegetarian for half a day on every first and fifteenth day of every lunar month. So, today is no exception either. I have to cook my own lunch for work since mom is not in town and I haven’t been eating much of the lunch provided by the Company for quite some time already. I decided to cook something different today compared to the usual Stir Fried Mock Abalone with Apricot Mushroom and Deep Fried Puffy Tofu. So, I made Vegetarian Curry!

I was afraid that I am gonna screw up the entire dish so my colleague taught me on how to cook Vegetarian Curry step by step with the use of the ready made instant curry paste. Thankfully, it tasted quite good but tad bit spicy. Even my colleague said the same thing too! Hahaha … xD


Presenting to you my Vegetarian Curry …


Chicken Wings Soy Sauce Stew

This is what I cooked yesterday. The chicken wings were marinated with the right flavoring and the flesh were tender. But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to adjust the flavoring well with the broth. It was way too salty by my usual standard. But if you blend the broth with rice, it was still acceptable.


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