Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Times Square

Invited Kaylie out for dinner at Times Square so that I could pass over a couple of beauty stuffs to her. I promised to give her some of my leftovers of My Beauty Diary sheet masks and a sample tub of Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. But as I was rushing from work to Times Square, I had left them in my office and met Kaylie without the items which I promised her. Hahaha … It hasn’t been the first time that I had forgotten about them. Maybe I should have done something about my brain memory capacity. LOL!

When Jia knew that I am going to Excapade Sushi for dinner, she told me that she was also craving for some sushi and sashimi. And Stephen (the boyfriend) thought that she had gone crazy as she just had Japanese cuisine with me for her 26th birthday at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. Kaylie arrived earlier and she texted me saying that Kevin (the boyfriend) might be joining us for dinner. I am okay with it since the more the merrier. Kevin only arrived when we were starting with our food.

Without further ado, let me show you what we had for dinner yesterday.


Salmon Seaweed Ebiko Temaki | B$3.80

I am never a Temaki fan until recently. Looking at the big fat juicy salmon slices is making me drooling and craving for it again at this moment.


Kimchi Fried Rice | B$5.00

Kevin was surprised that Excapade Sushi serves Kimchi Fried Rice when Kimchi itself is part of a Korean cuisine. Hahaha … Quite liked their version of Kimchi Fried Rice. I would poke the egg yolk and let the yolk running down into the fried rice. Super yummy but tad bit oily.


Salmon Tataki | B$8.00

I would rather order this at Excapade Sushi next time when I am craving for sashimi instead of getting a platter of their Salmon Sashimi. When I had this at Excapade Sushi, Regent Square the other day, this came with an accompanying dipping sauce. But unfortunately, there was no dipping sauce for me yesterday so I had it with plain soy sauce only.


Chicken Udon | B$7.00

Kaylie’s choice of dish for dinner. And as usual, she would remove the garnishes before eating them. I even asked her why did she not bother telling the waitress to ask the kitchen not to put the garnishes before serving. She tried but the waitress told her that it’s not possible. LOL! Excapade Sushi version of ramen or udon soup noodles never seem to live up to my expectation as well as the ones from Ajisen Ramen. Probably that’s the difference between pork based soup with chicken based soup. I am so gonna go Ajisen Ramen for their ramen when I am in KL next month.


Age Dashi Tofu | B$5.00

Kaylie’s usual favorite at any Japanese restaurant. But unfortunately, the tofu were not very fresh yesterday evening as they tasted pretty powdery and the broth was tasteless. So, Kevin requested to have the Age Dashi Tofu as takeaways and mixed it with the leftover soup base of Kaylie’s Chicken Udon for their pet dog at home. The waitress was wide eyed when Kevin made his “special” takeaway request and she repeated the request again so that she had not heard wrong. The three of us kidded that at least the waitress was awake enough to do the job. LOL!


Tori Katsu Maki | B$2.00

Another usual favorite of Kaylie’s whenever she’s at Excapade Sushi.

Excapade Sushi Times Square
G1, Ground Floor,
Times Square Shopping Centre,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2342912 / +673-7189912


4 thoughts on “Dinner @ Excapade Sushi, Times Square

  1. Yep flawless! Sushi will be always a flawless cuisine according tome ❤ Raya is surprisingly good! Kinda somber if compared to the good old Raya days as it was more merrier. I just didn't expect that i visited quite a lot of houses than what i've expected haha. Ate a lot of foods LOL xD The foods are quite cliche though, like the usual rendang & ketupat. I wish there's more variety like pasta & sushi but i can't complain when my tummy is full hehe. Thank god i guess xD My skin also surprisingly kinda behave well during this festive. Although i've slept with BB creams like 2 days *giggles* I know it's so bad! I'm so tired to take it off hahaha. How about you? I read that you went to Miri for short trip. So nice 😀

    • Good that you enjoyed your Raya celebration. I think it will look weird if you see pasta and sushi during Raya celebration. xD

      Perhaps you drank enough water despite you had a lot of good food, hence your skin been cooperative with you? Usually, there is a certain period of a month whereby your skin would behave. It will be either the time before or after your period.

      For my situation, my skin is usually at it’s worst condition about a week or so before my period comes. And then it will return back to normal when it’s already the time of the month. So, if my period sort of got delayed, my skin complexion would be quite blotchy for quite some time. Been there before and it sort of annoys me. LOL!

      Life pretty much the same lately. Yeah, been to Miri couple of weeks ago to meet a friend who came back from Singapore for holiday. As usual, Miri is mostly about food and shopping for me. But I shopped and ate lesser this time round compared to before. Hahaha …

      Just that I think I was able to rest after the hectic working hours during Puasa month. I don’t usually get to rest if I am having a weekend getaway in Miri. Surprisingly, I get to rest enough this time round. xD

      I am jetting off to KL in about two weeks time for a 6D5N trip. So looking forward to shopping in KL but I think my wallet is gonna be weeping soon. LOL!

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