Review: Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Nose Patch

Here comes an entry for a review of one of the items which I got on from my previous Miri skincare haul! As some of you may have known, there was a period when I was pretty obsessed with nose packs, patches or strips (whatever names you call them). But my obsession started to go down when I found majority of them not to be working effectively as they claimed it was.

But I still get my share of nose pack whenever I see one at Nature Republic, Tony Moly, The Face Shop, Missha, Etude House or Nature Republic. Speaking of these brands, I think I have yet tried those nose strips from Holika Holika. I rarely step into Holika Holika outlets in Brunei as I find some of their staffs not to be friendly especially when it comes to serving customers.

For your information, Nature Republic is still not available in Brunei yet and the nearest you could get them is from Miri or you do online shopping from some of the websites which sell Korean beauty products.

Without further ado, here comes my review on Nature Republic Blackhead Brake Clear Nose Patch.



This nose patch comes in white color. Some of the nose patches which I had previously used came in green color as majority of them contained tea tree or green tea extracts.


On the other side of the nose patch, there were tiny black spots. I couldn’t understand why there are black spots on the patch itself but as long as they are not dirt, it’s still okay. This particular nose patch contains peppermint extracts as I could pick up minty smell when I stick it onto my nose.

I had previous experiences whereby such nose patches don’t stick to the nose well enough and they don’t dry up quick either. I know it may be contradicting, but I did sprayed a little bit more water onto the nose patch after I had stick it onto my face so that it could stick onto my nose better. The nose patch itself seems to be a little bit small for my nose. It was able to cover the edges of my nose but I still find it a little bit small. It took quite some time for the nose patch to dry up since I sprayed a bit more of water before.

I removed it from my nose about 20 – 25 minutes later and found out that there were not much gunk extracted. I wouldn’t say that the product is ineffective as I really couldn’t see any blackhead on my nose. But it was able to extract a couple of whiteheads though.

1. Smelled fresh, contained peppermint extracts.
2. Able to pull out some whiteheads.

1. Not available in Brunei.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: RM3.90 (~B$1.52)

Repurchase? I don’t think so.

Anyways, Nature Republic was doing promotion on some of their products and this product happened to be one of them. I couldn’t remember exactly what was the promotional deal. It was either Buy 3 for RM10 or Buy 2 Get 1 Free. So, hopefully the deal is still on if you are interested in getting your hands on them.

Review coming up next – Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector N SPF50+ PA+++. So, stay tune if you are interested.


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