Review: My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask

As I had mentioned in my previous blog entry, I had bought myself 10 different pieces of various brands of sheet masks from and My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask was one of them. I chose it because I was conned into buying a box of fake My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask from one of the beauty stores in Bintang Megamall couple of months ago. I thought I scored a good deal since the whole store was on 20% discount. But it turned out that the sheet masks were fake.

Lesson learnt from that dreadful experience was to always buy your sheet masks from Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy to ensure authenticity. Don’t be stingy over a couple of bucks coz if you ended up buying a box of fakes, you will have to throw the entire box away. And luckily, my skin wasn’t affected much even though I was using a fake version of My Beauty Diary Cooling Mask.

If you are wondering how to differentiate between an original or fake version of My Beauty Diary sheet masks, here’s a rough guide on how to differentiate them. They might not be that informative but I guess it serves it’s purpose well enough. xD

Anyways, let’s get back to what I intended to do today.


There actually aren’t much to rave about this particular sheet mask. It’s about the same as any other My Beauty Diary sheet masks. The only difference that it had was the cooling effect during application. The main purpose of this sheet mask is for cooling, soothing and nourishing the skin. It smelled quite minty to me as peppermint extract was one of the main ingredients and menthol as well.

The sheet mask was pretty much drenched with essence. I left it in the fridge for quite some time before application. When I applied it onto my face, the feeling was extremely cooling especially when it had been in the fridge for some time. I am pretty sure that the sheet mask would still give about the same effect even if it’s not placed inside the fridge beforehand as cooling feeling is what you should be getting whether it’s been in the fridge or or not. LOL!

The good thing about My Beauty Diary sheet masks is that it doesn’t sting my skin during application. Unfortunately, I could see a bump formed around my jaw area when I had removed the sheet mask like after 25 minutes. I couldn’t see much difference that it did to my skin apart from getting the cooling feeling during application. My skin was a little bit blotchy this morning compared to yesterday. *sigh*

So, here’s what I think of the product in a nutshell:

1. Fits perfectly onto the face.
2. Sheet mask drenched with generous amount of essence.
3. Peppermint extract to cool down the skin.
4. Doesn’t irritate the skin during application.

1. Could see a bump formed on the jaw when removed sheet mask.
2. Skin turned slightly blotchy this morning.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM3.70 (

Repurchase? Nope


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