Review: Bistro Chez Fio

Finally, a blog entry after being “away” for the past two days. Lots of things happened at workplace in the past two days which required immediate attention. Things that I never expected would have gotten out of control in my hands. But thankfully, everything had been sorted out. Just that I gotta be more cautious the next time so that it doesn’t happen anymore as the consequences would had been severe.

Had been discussing with Alan about dinner with Andrea for this coming weekend as Andrea will be back to Miri by Friday. Both KinG and I will be driving down to meet her. Well, I am not driving actually. I just drop my car in KB and get a free ride from there. LOL! Alan suggested that we all could go to Hazard Bistro after dinner for a drink and a good view overlooking the town from Canada Hill. It’s a surprise to me that Alan would suggest such kind of “event”.

Anyways, let’s not get sidetracked. I finally get to try Bistro Chez Fio after so long but never gotten round to do it. Last I heard, Bistro Chez Fio is not open on Sunday but surprisingly, it was open today. Perhaps it’s been open on every Sunday for some time already but I never realized it. Kaylie and I actually wanted to have some desserts at Bakerlyn Cafe but I got into the wrong road entrance. I thought Bakerlyn Cafe is on the same block as Bistro Chez Fio. I was lazy to drive out again so we ended up at Bistro Chez Fio instead since it’s open and I had been wanting to try the place for quite some time.

Without further ado, let me show you the food pictures!


Vancouver Canucks | B$4.00

Kaylie’s drink. She thought the drink tasted weird. I think she barely even finished half of the drink. It’s a mocktail. Couldn’t make out what it’s made of but I think there’s Pepsi in the drink.


Vanilla Milkshake | B$5.50

I actually asked for Banana Milkshake but I think the server heard wrongly and gave me Vanilla Milkshake instead. When I took the first sip, I couldn’t help but wonder why it doesn’t taste anything near banana but vanilla ice-cream. The drink actually tasted quite nice. And the server indeed blended my milkshake with less ice as requested in the first place.


Sweet Potatoes Fries | B$8.00

I actually wanted to try their Poutine but ended up with Sweet Potatoes Fries instead since Kaylie is lactose intolerant. The dish came with garlic dipping sauce. I find the Sweet Potatoes Fried to be tad bit oily for my liking. I think it’s safer to go with normal French Fries next time. Sweet Potatoes Fries is definitely not my cup of tea. LOL!

I wouldn’t mind returning to Bistro Chez Fio next time to try their Poutine and Kickin’ Chicken as recommended by Brunei Food Monstah.

Bistro Chez Fio
Unit 13, Ground Floor,
Block A, Q-Lap Complex,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234933


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