Review: Le’ Taj Restaurant

This is my second food review on Indian cuisine ever since I started this blog. I had been to Le’ Taj Restaurant when I was still in my late teens, so we could roughly guess how long ago it was. I had dinner with Jennifer this evening. It was actually our first meal together after knowing her over a lunch at Gohan Sushi Restaurant with Sister. Dinner went well and mom was surprised that we ordered four dishes when it was only the two of us having the meal.

I suggested Rajah’s Restaurant & Catering at Batu Satu since Jennifer said that she only knew two famous Indian restaurants in Brunei – Le’ Taj Restaurant and After narrowing down few Indian places, we were down with Le’ Taj Restaurant and Rajah’s Restaurant & Catering. I gave her the benefit to choose between a grand or normal restaurant. She chose the grander one, Le’ Taj Restaurant it was then. LOL!

We met at the restaurant at about 7:30p.m. in the evening. Couldn’t decide what to order as we were spoiled with choices. We ended asking the waitress to recommend us their signature dishes.

So, here comes the food pictures …


Lamb Rogan | B$7.00

The lamb portion was reasonable enough in my opinion. Some of the lamb chunks were tender but some were a little bit hard. Perhaps we left it there for too long before we finished the entire dish off. The gravy wasn’t spicy at all but flavorful. But I find it to be a little bit salty for my liking.


Butter Chicken Masala | B$6.50

This was the first dish which the waitress recommended us, so assuming that it’s one of the most ordered dishes in the restaurant. The gravy tasted pretty much the same like curry to me but it’s much more creamier and smoother. The gravy tasted even more flavorful as it was cooked with butter and it goes just nicely with Pilau Rice. The chicken slices however tasted something near Chicken Satay to me. LOL!


Butter Naan | B$2.20

Naan is something like Roti Pratha but it’s much more thicker and tasted more flour-y. I liked the Butter Naan which I tried at Rajah’s Restaurant & Catering but the one I had at Le’ Taj Restaurant was not bad either. Goes well with the gravy from Butter Chicken Masala. Hahaha … xD


Pilau Rice | B$2.50

Pilau Rice is not something that I would like to eat all the time as I find it to be quite dry and perhaps not good for my digestion system? But if you mix the rice with the gravy from your main course dishes, it will still be alright.

Le’ Taj Restaurant
Unit 5-7, Second Floor,
Seri Kiulap Complex,
Jalan Kiulap, BE1518,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2238996


28 thoughts on “Review: Le’ Taj Restaurant

  1. Was it good? I’ve only been to the Indian restaurant near to the Korean restaurant in Kiulap also. Forgot the name xD Their chicken masala is so MAJOR! I could eat them everyday all my life hahaha. Last time i also dined the Indian restaurant near to the Excapade in Serusop. I think you know where it is :p I ordered the butter chicken masala and again so MAJOR! I literally love everything didn’t i? xD

    Sorry for this random question. Do you know where shops selling castor oil in Brunei? :3

    • I don’t think I know of any Indian restaurant near to Excapade Serusop but Teguh Raya area, yeah. LOL! Perhaps we are talking about the same place?

      Le’ Taj is actually good enough in my opinion. Pricing might be a little bit higher than any other Indian restaurants in town. I think has the steepest price. Is Zaika still available in Brunei?

      Have you heard of Rajah’s at Batu Satu? Their lambs are not bad. So does their Butter Naan.

      Regarding to the Castor Oil, you can try one of the shops opposite to Kiulap Plaza Hotel. I think it’s just behind Hua Ho Kiulap whereby there are lots of parking spaces. Nearby Netcom as well. Hope this helps.

      • Hi, I just saw your post—I’m also looking for cold pressed castor oil and was scouring the internet for some stores (I heard it’s good for hair growth) do you know what the name of the shop is? Thanks 🙂

      • Think you can try Sim Kim Huat opposite The Mall. The one which is on the same block as Bata and Marrybrown.

        This information was provided by another reader quite some time ago so I am not sure if it is still available at the moment but there’s no harm giving it a try though.

        Perhaps you could also try JPRI at Serusop, right across Teguh Raya? Somehow I have a feeling that they might have Castor Oil.

        Hope this helps. xD

      • Please ignore my previous comment. Do not go to SKH across The Mall as another reader commented that they no longer have Castor Oil available.

        Her aunt managed to buy Castor Oil from JPRI, the Indian spice shop which I mentioned in the previous comment.

        It’s on the same block as Baiduri Bank in Serusop, across Teguh Raya.

  2. OMG not that regular Indian restaurant LMAO! XD Umm i really forgot the name but it’s just next to Excapade Serusop haha. Although the serving of their butter chicken masala is too small for the price like $6? A bit unjustified. It’s really quite nice thankfully though. Yes Le’ Taj is quite a bit expensive compared to the others i’ve heard. The place itself looks quite luxurious, at least seeing from outside 😀 Aww i’ve yet to dine at Tandoor, Zaika & Rajah :3 Heard Raang Mahal is quite nice too!

    Around the Hua Ho Kiulap area? Ahhh rarely go there these days but i’ll try to check it out! Thanks for the info 😀

  3. The Indian restaurant near Excapade serusop could be Sameer. Castor oil can be found cheaper at Sim Kim Huat opp Gadong mall. If anyone is interested in Indian cuisine in Brunei, you might want to give Bombay Palace in Batu Bersurat a try. I normally order their gobi manchurian and butter chicken, naan and biryani also reasonably good, decor not too shabby.

    • Thank you for the recommendation. Shall try out the place soon.

      Could you roughly describe where Bombay Place is near to at Batu Bersurat? The restaurant sounded familiar to me but I couldn’t remember where in Batu Bersurat. xD

    • Hey Michelle Lim! Actually my aunt have gone there to check & sadly there’s no castor oil at SKH :\ or i’m afraid you meant near the area of SKH? Sorry bumping here again lol. Really need it. I haven’t go to Kiulap to check it yet

      • I thought you were referring to Castro oil for the cars. LOL! I hadn’t been very fully awake when you first commented about asking where to buy it. Sorry, my mistake.

        I think you could try Supa Save. Supa Save usually carry products which majority supermarkets in Brunei don’t have.

  4. Bombay Palace is on the same block as Hello Kitty theme shop. Drive straight past Golden Leaf, it’s the next block on your left, opposite cheapo mish-mash shop.

  5. Price be above average, try the cheaper lunch special menu. Ximply Chriz same row as Excapade Regent Sq is worth a try. Golden Coffee for daily specials and chicken pie. Coconut Grove for signature bihun, fried kway teow. Happy food hunting 🙂

    • Is Ximply Chriz a new restaurant in town? Had never heard of the place.

      Heard that Golden Coffee is extremely famous for their Chicken Pie. Will sure try out the place soon!

  6. OMG not for cars! LOLOL XD It’s castor oil for the medicine. It’s okay though my mistake for not giving in much more details. Need it to treat stubborn boils >.< Ahh yes i was thinking about Supa Save & shall look up for it! Thanks for the suggestion Siaw Tan! Sorry for bumping on this old post teehee 😀

    • It’s quite hard to get castor oil from Brunei, I think. Have you tried Guardian Pharmacy? They might have it since you said its for medicinal purpose.

      Anyways, how did you ended getting burnt? Assuming your boils meant you got burnt while cooking? Tried going to the doctors?

  7. There’s no Castor oil in Guardian pharmacies i’ve checked. But i’ll try Supa Save Mabohai as you’ve suggested! Haven’t got the time to go there. Not that boils! Boils as in abscess! Don’t worry though lol. It’s under control. I just need castor oil for a more speedy recovery 😀

    • Hmm .. I would try both Mabohai and Beribi if I were you. I personally like Supa Save Beribi more than the one at Mabohai. The former has much more choices, place is bigger and more ample spaces for car parking. But anyways, get well soon!! =D

      I heard FRESCO is opening this weekend and there will be a new franchise here in Brunei at FRESCO called Auntie Anne specializing in pretzels. Heard of it before?

      • Hey BND. Yeah finally i found castor oil selling at Serusop. I forgot the name of the shop but it’s an Indian spice shop which is just next to the Photoplus shop 🙂

  8. Thanks for the well wish! Ahh yes heard of it in the news! Actually i just knew the resurgence of the old Plaza Abdul Razak which used to have Yaohan lol. Have you checked the new shops there? As far as i know, there are Auntie Annie, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Sushi Tei & so on. Exciiting!

    • Nope, I had yet been there. Not gonna visit the place so soon as everyone is gonna be there. Definitely gonna be very congested with cars. My patience level is extremely low when it comes to waiting and looking for parking spaces.

      All I heard is that FRESHCO will be officially launched on this coming Sunday. So far, I only knew that Waroeng Penyet and Gloria Jean’s Coffees were officially launched at FRESCO. I am quite interested in trying out Auntie Anne though I am not a huge fan of pretzels. LOL!

  9. Haha yeah do expect some crowds around the area during this time. I saw Missha going to open there too in the banner! Not that i’m an avid Missha user xD I wish there’s more new beauty stores opening up there too :3 Is the FRESHCO a local brand or international? I’ve never seen or heard of it before. Actually i’ve never heard of Auntie Anne’s before LOL! But i like to eat pretzels snack though which is the salty one. Not sure if that’s pretzels they’re selling is it?

    • Yeah … I saw that Missha is gonna open up another branch at FRESCO. I am never a huge fan of Missha products as their sheet masks stung my skin rather badly. Perhaps the alcohol content was too strong for my skin to handle.

      Nah … I don’t think the FRESHCO that we are having here in Brunei is the international franchise supermarket. If I am not wrong, it was created by the owners of Times Square themselves.

      Auntie Anne’s sells pretzels but much more bigger in size than the usual snack pretzels that you usually eat, I think. LOL!

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