Early Lunch @ Fun Toast Kopitiam, Airport Mall

Felt like doing two blog entries today since I had been relatively slow in updating my blog for the past few days. The novelty of blogging had started to wear off bit by bit but I am trying to maintain blogging everyday. Hopefully, this blog wouldn’t go into waste like my previous few. LOL!

Anyways, here’s a food post on Fun Toast Kopitiam. Kaylie and I met up at Airport Mall for early lunch last Sunday since we had both booked ourselves a pedicure session with Nails&Wax at 1:00p.m. in the afternoon. We were both supposed to have breakfast together with Kevin (Kaylie’s boyfriend). But it turned out that we both had to work on our rest days for a couple of hours to finish some of the works in hand. And coincidentally, Kevin had to get in to work by 10:00a.m. in the morning.

I actually wanted to try the breakfast dim sum at All Seasons Restaurant after hearing the positive feedback from Jia about them. But Kaylie personally thought that they were just average, nothing to shout about. So, we had early lunch at Fun Toast Kopitiam instead despite my reluctance since Nails&Wax is just nearby. When Fun Toast Kopitiam had just opened it’s door to the public, I wasn’t very impressed with their customer service and food quality. Click here for my first review on Fun Toast Kopitiam.


Portuguese Egg Tarts | B$2.50

Nothing much to rave about. The pastry itself tasted rather dry to me and not crispy enough. The filling was lack of taste. The egg filling tasted pretty diluted to me. Perhaps, they mixed it with lots of water?


Deep Fried Glutinous Rice Balls With Fillings | B$2.50

This was just average to me. I personally find the size to be a little bit too big for my liking. The best version of this which I had tasted was the ones served at Orchid Garden Hotel during a wedding reception. The filling was lotus paste, if I am not wrong. I couldn’t finish them all and we had the rest as takeaways for Kevin.


Chicken Ham & Egg Sandwiches

Kaylie’s breakfast of choice for the day. Couldn’t be sure how much was this. It looked normal to me. And basically, nothing much to rave about.

What I don’t like about the said cafe was that they do not provide the patrons with sales receipt even after they paid for their meals unless you specifically requested for it. I wondered why. I experienced the same thing too on my first visit when they were just opened. I thought perhaps they might have changed this system but apparently, they did not.


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