Lunch @ Killiney Kopitiam, Times Square

The entire Brunei was not open for business this morning in conjunction to the celebration of His Majesty 67th Birthday. Kaylie and I met at Times Square after I was done with my credit card collection from Standard Chartered Bank, Manggis Mall. We decided to have lunch at All Seasons Restaurant but the place was packed with patrons and we had no choice but to head over to Killiney Kopitiam instead for lunch.

She had light brunch before she met up with me. So, I was the only one eating lunch in the end. Not keen on having toasts or sandwiches for lunch so I had my usual favorite of Killiney Kopitiam – Chicken Curry Mee Hoon.


Chicken Curry Mee Hoon | B$5.80

I personally think that the portion seems to be a little bit lesser compared to the first time when I was there. As usual, the broth was thick and flavorful. I had been kinda sick of Chicken Curry lately but I will never be sick with the Chicken Curry at Killiney Kopitiam. For those of you who like Chicken Curry as much as I do, I think you could try Killiney Kopitiam’s version of Chicken Curry.


Calamansi With Plum | B$3.00

Tasted extremely sour at first but it turned a little bit salty later on. Ideal drink for thirst quencher on a hot day. Hahaha … xD


Hot Homemade Barley | B$1.70

Kaylie’s choice of drink during lunch today as she was still feeling full from her light brunch before she met up with me. Don’t you think B$1.70 sounded a little bit steep for a small cup of Homemade Barley?

Killiney Kopitiam
GE4-6, Ground Floor,
Times Square Shopping Mall,
Brunei Darussalam.


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