Dim Sum @ All Seasons Restaurant, Times Square

Kaylie and I went for a second round of lunch after Killiney Kopitiam yesterday afternoon. Reason being, I was craving for some dim sum yesterday. I rarely crave for dim sum as it wasn’t my favorite food but yesterday was an exception.

Let’s start with the food pictures, shall we? (I left the receipt at home, but I will update them in another time.)


Shanghai Dumpling | B$3.50

Shanghai Dumpling with black vinegar and ginger strips as dipping sauce are the best combination. Shanghai Dumpling came with small bits of shrimps and chicken. The chicken bits were juicy and tender. It tasted just like pork. For your information, All Seasons Restaurant is a Halal restaurant so there wouldn’t be any pork in any of the dim sum. As usual, Kaylie doesn’t have any of my Shanghai Dumplings as she is allergic towards seafood. So, I had the whole plate all to myself. Muahahaha … xD


Sweet & Sour Beancurd Roll | B$3.00

I prefer Beancurd Roll to be steamed rather than deep fried. Amount of chicken portion was generous in my opinion. I personally find the Beancurd Roll to be a little bit dry for my liking.


Chicken Spring Roll | B$2.50

I liked their Chicken Spring Roll more than their Deep Fried Beancurd Roll With Sweet & Sour Sauce. The fillings on the inside weren’t dry but juicy in my opinion. The portion of vegetables is more than the chicken though.

All Seasons Restaurant
Unit F7, First Floor,
Times Square,
Kampung Jaya Setia,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2338068


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