Early Birthday Dinner @ Chempaka Kitchen

Sister agreed to go Tokyo with me next year but she couldn’t confirm on the dates right now and the earliest she could give me an answer is by next January. I told both Andrea and KinG about my next year traveling plan and both of them were not so keen with my idea. Both came up with the same reason – radiation in Japan after the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

Andrea said that she had a couple friend who went Japan for honeymoon and when they came back, their doctor told them that one of them got a bit of radiation on them and advised them not to get pregnant for at least another 10 years just to be on the safe side. And the ever so sarcastic KinG said: “If you don’t mind dying early, you go Japan lor.” *sweat* Anyways, tickets not booked yet so nothing is confirmed for the time being. Hahaha … xD

Parents and I went for dinner at Chempaka Kitchen as an early celebration of my lunar birthday and Mid Autumn Festival. My lunar birthday falls on the Mid Autumn Festival of every year. Parents decided to do it earlier this year. I had heard lots of positive comments on the food served at Chempaka Kitchen so I requested going there for dinner yesterday evening.

For your information, Chempaka Kitchen is a non-Halal home based restaurant. The restaurant is only open for business on Monday to Saturday from 6:00p.m. until 10:00p.m. in the evening. It’s closed on every Sunday.

So, let me show you the food pictures. Hopefully you are not hungry at the time of reading this post. Hahaha … xD


3 Sours

I had been craving for drinks like this recently. And mind you, I am not pregnant. Just into beverages which come with lime and sour plum. Hahaha … Chempaka Kitchen serves homemade drinks like Chrysanthemum, 3 Sours and some other which I couldn’t remember. All were health based ones. Unfortunately, I find this not to be sour enough for my liking but rather too salty. I had to add in extra water to dilute the saltiness of the drink. The drink turned a little bit bitter as well over time, I think it was the lime.


Stir Fried Bittergourd With Salted & Century Eggs

I used to hate bittergourd as a kid until recently. I can now tolerate the bitterness of bittergourd. I remembered the time when we ordered Stir Fried Bittergourd with 3 Eggs at Ming Chai Seafood Restaurant Miri, it was Andrea and I who wiped clean the entire dish. I think Ing only had a few spoons of it. I liked this, the portion of salted and century eggs were generous enough. The bittergourd tasted a bit bitter. But what’s bittergourd without tasting bitter? LOL!


Lotus Root Soup

We did not intend to order any soup at first. But mom decided to when she saw other tables having at least a bowl of soup each. Hahaha … This is actually a portion for one only. But the three of us shared a bowl of this since we are not much of a soup drinker. At least I am not anyways. The soup was boiled with pork bones and it tasted quite good. There wasn’t much MSG added into the soup. The soup tasted a bit sweet because they added in dried longan, red dates, goji seed and the lotus root itself is already sweet.



This is something called Braised Pork with Red Sauce if we literally translated it from the Chinese wordings. It’s red in actual color but my camera couldn’t get the actual colour hence it looked a bit brownish in the picture. The braised pork were tender and juicy. The sauce was a little bit sweet, which is how it was supposed to taste like. The gravy goes well with the rice too. We had also requested for a couple of steamed buns to go with the Braised Pork with Red Sauce.


红烧猪肉 with freshly steamed soft and fluffy Man Tou!


Minced Pork Beancurd Roll

This was already ready made for the day which the chef would deep fried the Minced Pork Beancurd Roll when patrons ordered them. What I liked about this was that the flavoring was just right, neither too salty nor too bland. Unfortunately, I find the minced pork to be rather loose on the inside even when it’s wrapped with beancurd roll. The pork were probably minced with food processor rather than chopping them with knife. There were bits of waxed sausages as well in the minced pork.

Chempaka Kitchen is somewhere you might be interested in if you wanted to try home cooked dishes rather than commercialized food at Oriental restaurants. I could taste that they were not generous with MSG hence the food doesn’t make you go all thirsty after a meal. MSG level was minimal hence good for patrons who are watching their diet. Free flow of warm water and tea were provided but it is be on self-service basis. One of their highly recommended dish was Salted Egg Yolk Chicken, if I am not wrong. Food pricings were reasonable in my opinion. The total bill came out to be B$25.50 only when I expected the bill to be like more than B$30. LOL!

Chempaka Kitchen
114, Chempaka Park,
Jalan Tutong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.


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