Prada Prada Prada …

Just placed my order with Sister for the branded stuffs that I wanted. She will be off to London tonight via Beijing. Europe is well known for getting branded stuffs at a cheaper rate compared to Asian countries. Unfortunately, her holiday destinations this time round are Athens, Santorini, Istanbul and London. It would be a lot cheaper to get Prada from Italy. Andrea is also getting her Prada this month! xD

I had been browsing through the pictures of Prada wallets from their official website ever since I knew that Sister will be off to Europe. I had finally came to settle with the following wallet and hopefully Prada in London still have the model that I wanted. *fingers crossed*


First choice of colour would definitely be black but I am okay with cornflower blue as well. The price of this wallet is £310. I think Sister got a little bit shocked when she saw the price tag of this wallet on her Whatsapp. Well, I never expected Prada to be cheap anyways. LOL!

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