iOS 7 On My iPad 2

After all the hypes of the newly released iOS 7, I had decided to give myself a taste of it this morning. I had been reluctant to upgrade the current iOS of my iPad. I had heard reviews saying that it sort of slowing down the device due to it’s animated features. So, I decided to try it on my iPad instead of my iPhone. Asked Andrea what she thought of the new iOS 7. She said she is indifferent but it got lots of new features compared to the previous version.

Well, I gotta agree with that. And what’s best is that my Instagram on my iPad no longer looked “pixelated”. It’s actually as clear as it is on my iPhone. LOL!


The downside after upgrading my iPad to iOS 7 is that I lose majority of my eBooks on my Kindle. *cry*


2 thoughts on “iOS 7 On My iPad 2

  1. What did you think of the layering effect that Apple tried to implement? Is it useful?
    I really like the simple designs they used for their icons, but that’s pretty much the only highlight that I can think about the ios 7.
    It sucks that it lags your IPad. Unfortunately, the only apple product I own is a ipod 4th gen, which isn’t compatible with iOS 7. -sobs- So I can’t try it out for myself.

    • I don’t think it affected me much whether it’s layered or non-layered. LOL! But it indeed looked much more smoother and sleek compared to before.

      Yeah, there’s not much difference of iOS7 compared to the previous version, Only the changes in icons’ designs and stuffs.

      It doesn’t lag on an iPad but iPhone 4. It’s good on my iPad 2 so far. A friend of mine installed iOS7 onto his iPhone 4. It lagged a bit but as long as you removed the Reduce Motion function, it will run much more smoother.

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