Review: Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic

Good morning! Time does fly back very quickly, don’t you think so? It’s now the last day of October and we are entering another new month in just less than 24 hours. And mostly importantly, Chinese New Year is also around the corner. Sister was making plan if we should be going out of town during Chinese New Year.

She suggested Taipei but I am not so keen about Taipei during CNY as majority places would be shut down since the entire population would be celebrating one of the biggest cultural festival of the year. In the end, we are deciding on Bangkok. Not sure if it’s gonna be on since air tickets are not cheap. It’s coming to B$600 per person right now.

Anyways, I’ll leave that to a later stage. Let us get back to what I shall be doing for today.

I am not sure if you have heard of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic. I only came around this product when I was scrolling through the Kose product listings on their official website. To be honest, it ain’t cheap at all for a mask but I got mine in sample tub from couple of months ago. The perks of buying sample size products are that you can try many different products and never feel guilty about giving or throwing them away if they don’t work out well on your skin. Hahaha …


Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic


A sample tub of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic came in 30ml worth of product. The full size product comes with a skincare spatula. But since I am buying a sample tub, don’t expect that it’s gonna come as what’s being given for a full size product. But nevertheless, 30ml is more than enough to last you for a good few months.


The liquid is a yellowish or beige in colour. It comes with a slightly thick texture. The liquid smelled powdery in the tub itself but turned herbal smell which smelled exactly like Angelica Root when applied onto the face. Despite it smelled herbal, I still find it bearable. I wouldn’t say it has the most pleasant smell but I wouldn’t say it has the world’s unpleasant smell either. Some people may like the scent and may some not, depending on own preference.

I believed that you may have worked out how this product works based on the back of the product packaging. And yes, this is a mask. It’s not leave-on. You have to rinse them off with water after one minute of application. It’s generally very easy to use and not time consuming. You can do it in the shower before putting on body shampoo on your body. By the time you finished scrubbing your body, your face is all ready to be washed.

The main function of this product is providing intensive whitening by reducing the appearance of dark spots, leaving skin looking more brighter and evenly toned. It can also smooths skin to keep it lively and radiantly clear. I had been using this product religiously for the past two weeks like twice in a week and I could really see that my skin complexion had indeed brightened a lot and it did smoothed my skin. Even Sister mentioned that my skin looked smoother lately compared to before. But the appearances of my open pores are still very visible. LOL!

So, here’s what I think of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic in a nutshell:

1. Doesn’t break out on my skin.
2. Brightened up skin complexion.
3. Skin looked a lot smoother.
4. Bearable scent.
5. Easy to use and not time consuming.

1. Not cheap.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: RM190

Repurchase? Yeah, why not?

Dinner @ The Xinful Cafe

Kaylie and I had dinner together since Kevin (Kaylie’s boyfriend) had to work late shift yesterday evening. I ran out of Laneige Clear-C Effector, so I made a detour to Hua Ho Manggis Mall to get myself another new bottle. Supposed to drive all the way to Hua Ho, Yayasan to check some Elizabeth Arden products for my colleague. But since she decided not to get Elizabeth Arden anytime soon, I decided to get Laneige Clear-C Effector from the nearest Laneige counter instead.

Kaylie and I agreed to meet up at The Xinful Cafe at 8:00p.m. in the evening but I was there 10 minutes earlier since there was nothing much for me to shop at Hua Ho, Manggis Mall. I ordered myself of a cup warm homemade fresh soy milk while waiting for Kaylie to arrive.


Homemade Fresh Soy Milk | B$1.50

The previous time when I had their Homemade Fresh Soy Milk, it was really bland to the extent that I have to add in several scoops of brown sugar. But surprisingly, albeit it was tasteless this time, I find it bearable for my taste bud as I don’t have to add in any sugar.


Chicken Luncheon & Egg Sandwiches | B$2.80

Kaylie and I ordered the same thing as our main courses for dinner. Hahaha … I had been seeing quite a lot of this sandwich dish on blog reviews. So, I thought I might just as well try it for once and see what’s so good about it. Honestly speaking, sandwiches are not my thing. Hahaha … I only eat them when I feel like it.

The omelette were thick and nicely fried. They weren’t dry. The plain bread was spread with margarine on both layers before placing the omelette and pan fried chicken luncheon. Surprisingly, the chicken luncheon tasted exactly like chicken frankfurter to me. I would very much preferred the plain bread to be toasted beforehand so that the margarine will taste much more flavorful.


Deep Fried Fish Balls With Chicken | B$2.80

This was the light snack which Kaylie ordered which I only ate about 2 pieces, if I recalled correctly. There isn’t much to rave about this light snack. At first, I thought these fish balls were those frozen ones from the local supermarket. But Kaylie thinks that they are homemade. So whether or not they are homemade, I have no idea.


Spring Onion Pancake | B$2.80

Hugely craving for this ever since my last tasting of it with Rain and Kaylie few months ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as how it used to be. I find it to be rather dry this time round. It wasn’t as oily as before but it’s the texture which I don’t like and it doesn’t have much of spring onions taste despite there are generous amount of spring onions in the pancake.


Red Velvet | B$4.00

This was a little bit different compared to the Red Velvet which I had here previously. The one I had previously was a lot bigger in size for the same price. Click here for image comparison. Honestly speaking, I prefer this version though I think I am a wee bit ripped off for the same price paid but half size smaller. This has the perfect size which doesn’t make you feel bloated after a dinner meal.

The layer of Red Velvet cake was still a little bit sweet for my liking but the cream cheese layers in between neutralized it. There was a slight hint of lemon taste in the cream cheese as well. I liked this version very much but I still think B$4.00 is way overpriced. Hahaha … What do you think?


Did you know what’s that in the picture frame? It’s a Strudel with your choice of flavor – Durian or Mango. I felt like ordering yesterday but decided against it since my tummy was too full already and Kaylie doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of durian. Well, she is completely anti durian to be more specific. LOL!

The Xinful Cafe
Simpang: 21, Block B,
Unit 19, Gadong Central,
Mukim Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2457965

Late Dinner @ Depot V.LO Cafe

Brought Sister to Depot V.LO Cafe on the night when her flight from Shanghai landed Brunei. She came out a short while after I arrived at the Arrival Hall. Guess that being the perk of not checking in her luggage. Hahaha … Initially, she told me that she is craving for some Nasi Lemak. I actually wanted to bring her to the newly opened Waroeng Penyet at FRESHCO. But then I remembered that the chili paste served at Waroeng Penyet will be too extreme for both her taste bud and stomach.

So, I suggested Depot V.LO Cafe as I remembered reading a review mentioning that their Nasi Lemak were not bad. There weren’t much patrons when we arrived but there were quite a few tables being placed a RESERVED sign. Throughout our entire dinner, we did not see any patron occupying the reserved dining table. By the time we were done with our dinner, it was almost 10 in the evening.


As you can see from the above picture, the cafe has quite an unique interior decoration. The owner made use of wooden palettes as the dining table surface, topped with a piece of thick glass. According to Sister, the glasses require high maintenance. If they were not properly wiped, it’s gonna leave scar marks on the glasses eventually. There were also a few other pieces of wooden palettes hanging on the ceiling.



I am not sure what kind of galaxy signs that they are trying to make with those PVC pipes. But it did have an unique interior decoration compared to any other cafe in Brunei.


Lime | B$3.00

I couldn’t remembered what’s the name of this beverage. I thought they would have printed the full name of the beverage on the receipt, so I did not bother with taking pictures of their menu. But all I know that it’s a concoction of lime with peppermint leaves. I am pretty sure that you could have guessed who ordered this drink. The one who had been insisting that peppermint leaves are able to fix constipation problem. LOL!


Hot Lime | B$1.80

I don’t think this is the hot version of the beverage which Sister ordered. This tasted more like the local 3 Sours that we could find at kopitiam. Tasted okay for me as I managed to finish like three quarter of the entire beverage.


Chicken Boxing In A Basket | B$5.50

Sister and I ordered this to share. I had been curious about this particular dish as I had been seeing it as one of the most ordered dish at Depot V.LO Cafe. The first time when I visited Depot V.LO Cafe, I saw Kaylie ordered this to share with her sister as well. These Chicken Boxing were basically chicken drummets or wings whereby the flesh had been removed from the bones. Make them into chicken balls and have them “stick” onto the top of the chicken drummets or wings before they were deep fried. It came with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. I liked the French Fries, they were good.


Nasi Lemak | B$4.50

The lady indeed got her craving fixed. She ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak. According to her, the chili paste was too spicy for her to handle. So, she ended up ditching the chili paste. She liked the deep fried chicken wing, it was perfectly marinated and crunchy. The rice was flavorful as well with the right mix of coconut milk.


3D Pasta | B$15.00

Wondered why it’s called 3D Pasta? If you observed carefully, I am pretty sure you have found out why. If you haven’t, let me tell you why. Did you see that there are three types of pastas in the dish? Penne, Spaghetti and Linguine. Not sure if I got them all right, but I am definitely sure that the first two were correct. The portion was extremely generous. No wonder the price was so steep for this particular dish of pasta.

The pasta tasted a little bit spicy for my stomach to handle. I ended up having serious rounds of diarrhea before I went to bed. I was sweating profusely as the pain was completely unbearable. Luckily they subsided after I drowned two packets of those Chinese herbal pills. There were a couple pieces of those frozen clams in the pasta as well. I suspected that those may be the reasons for diarrhea as well.

Depot V.LO Cafe
Unit 6, Ground Floor,
Block B, Kiarong Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2225555

Desserts @ Ximply Chriz Cafe

Sent Sister to the airport this morning. We were supposed to have breakfast at Delifrance if time permits. But unfortunately, we both slept through the hours that we were supposed to wake up to get ready. So, we both ended up having breakfast at home instead.


Ximply Chriz Cafe

As promised, here’s my food post on Ximply Chriz cafe which Sister, Jennifer and I visited on last Saturday afternoon for our high tea desserts after Chlocits. Honestly speaking, I think that was the one day in my life whereby I had so much food in a day. Hahaha … xD

So, here I start with the pictures of the beverages followed by the cakes or tarts. LOL!


Latte | B$4.00

It took me quite a few shots before I was able to get this picture right. Then Jennifer suggested placing the cheesecake as background. It turned out good and satisfactory. Hot drinks would definitely come with homemade cookies.


Peppermint Tea | B$3.00

As expected, ordered by Sister as she said she is having constipation issue. And apparently to her, peppermint can seems to fix constipation. Not sure if it’s true. But if you do have constipation problem, maybe you could try drinking lots of beverage with peppermint or mint leaves? A complimentary piece of Meringue came with this Peppermint Tea.


Chocolate Tart | B$4.50

I wanted to try their Seasonal Fruit Tart. But unfortunately, it was completely sold out. Not even a single Berry Tart was left. So, I asked if they still have Heavenly Chocolate. And it was sold out as well. One of the staff joked saying that I should have come earlier. And I joked back that 3 in the afternoon doesn’t sound late to me. LOL! So, I had a piece of Chocolate Tart instead. It was good, even for someone like me who doesn’t fancy much chocolate desserts.

It has a smooth and rich layer of dark chocolate and then followed by a layer of chocolate mousse underneath the dark chocolate layer. Unfortunately, I find the crust not to be as crunchy as the one I had when trying out that Fruit Tart. But it was nevertheless still good.


Green Tea Cheesecake | B$5.00

Jennifer and Sister both had this to share. Ximply Chriz Cafe also has Sesame Cheesecake, which Jia usually had when her manager bought the whole pound of cake back to the office. I am not much of a cheesecake person. Sometimes, I do but not all the time. Probably once in a blue moon. According to the both of them, this Green Tea Cheesecake was not sweet at all. It tasted a little bit salty but good.

For your information, Ximply Chriz Cafe has extended it’s business to 9:00p.m. in the evening. So, you could still have your dose of desserts after having dinner around the area. But hopefully, they have plentiful varieties of desserts left in the evening as well.

Ximply Chriz Cafe
Unit 8, Block B,
Regent Square,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2234918

Lunch @ Paddington House Of Pancakes, Brunei

I love the pictures’ outcomes of the ones taken at Paddington House Of Pancakes yesterday afternoon while having lunch with Sister and Jennifer. They may not be good for some of you who have professional background in photography but it’s good enough for the amateur me. LOL! While I was having coffee break with both Sister and KinG at Gloria Jean’s Coffees yesterday evening, KinG asked if I am satisfied with my purchase of this camera. Honestly speaking, I am extremely satisfied.

I even took a few pictures of the restaurant which I did not get to while I was still using those normal compact digital cameras. So, here comes the clearer version pictures of the restaurant which I took yesterday before showing what food we had for lunch yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, you are not feeling hungry at this time. xD


I think the lady in yellow shirt at the back of the restaurant is Jia‘s friend.


There wasn’t much patrons at that time coz it was almost 2 in the afternoon. Sister said that their desserts looked mouthwatering good on their menu. They indeed looked good especially their Strawberry New York Cheesecake but unfortunately, I couldn’t find lots of cheesecake chunks but some tiny small bits only. But nevertheless, it was the dollars pancakes which I loved!


Flower decoration by the window and it really smelled nice. Assumed they bought it from the home decoration shop next door.



Okay, let me start with the pictures of beverages first then followed by the main courses. We did not order any of their desserts since we all planned to have desserts at Ximply Chriz Cafe. I will be covering on Ximply Chriz tomorrow, so stay tune if you are interested!


Cafe Bombon | B$4.00

This is just a regular coffee with condensed milk. Albeit it looked normal but it tasted pretty good. I don’t feel like having cold beverages and Hot Chocolate doesn’t seems to entice me, so Cafe Bombon it was since it’s name really appealed to me. LOL!


Mint Melon Refresher | B$4.50

Funnily enough, I think this beverage which Sister ordered looked exactly the same like the Perky Lemon & Mint Sparkler which I ordered previously. Wondered if the barista got the concotion wrongly? According to Sister, mint leaves are good for constipation. So if you are having constipation issue, drink more beverages made with mint leaves.


Iced Lemon Tea | B$3.00

This was what Jennifer ordered. Surprised that she ordered this instead of those mocktail drinks.

So, let’s start on the food pictures  …


Nice | B$16.00

Please take note that this is not pronounced as “nai-se” but “niece”. This savory dish was named after a city in Italy. The dish came with a piece French Crepe filled with chicken breast fillets, chicken ham slices, mushrooms and some seafood. And it has a side dipping sauce which tasted like carbonara sauce with button mushrooms. I had Wellington previously and doesn’t feel like going for their pancakes burgers so I had French Crepe instead.

Honestly speaking, this is one big portion of food for me. But surprisingly, I was able to finish it with my Cafe Bombon. I must be starving at that point of time. The chicken breast fillets were juicy though I would have very much preferred chicken thigh fillets instead. And they had super generous portions of button mushrooms as well!


Monaco | B$18.50

When this was being served on our dining table, I almost gasped when looking at the portion. But it was indeed a filling dish. It came with an extremely generous portion of button mushrooms, centered with three pieces of grilled herbal lamb shoulders. The very bottom layer was a zucchini and spring onions filled pancake. I was awed with the presentation. It looked very nice in the picture, isn’t it (as compared to some other pictures but of the same dish on the Internet)? LOL!

I liked the button mushrooms, but I personally find the lamb shoulders to be overdone. It was a little bit hard and dry. But in terms of flavoring, it was adequately done. The pancake filled with zucchini and spring onions, not my favorite food. LOL!


Aglio Olio | B$9.50

Jennifer’s choice of lunch. Was surprised that she went for pasta at Paddington House Of Pancakes whereby everyone are very likely to go ahead with their savory pancakes or crepes. It turned out that the pasta was good with a little bit of spiciness in it. If you are a huge fan of pasta, you could always try their pastas. When I was showing this picture to a colleague of mine, she asked me when I am gonna cook her pasta again? LOL!

Paddington House Of Pancakes
Unit 3 & 4, Simpang: 58,
Jalan Berakas,
Kampung Serusop,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2331668