Review: LoveMore Provence Lavender Night-Time Whitening Mask

As I stood in front of the full length mirror in my bedroom, I realized that I have two lines underneath my eyes. Two freaking long lines on both sides of my eyes. I was wondering if they are wrinkles or just fine lines. Asked Sister about it and she said they should be wrinkles. It shouldn’t be wrinkles since I am only in my mid twenties. *thick face* Apparently, the eye creams which I had been using hadn’t been very successful in combating wrinkles or fine lines.

Sister suggested me going for pre-ageing eye creams since I am already in my mid twenties. I had been checking for reviews for the eye creams which are good for wrinkles or fine lines. There was one from Shiseido Benefiance that earned quite a lot of raves and positive comments. But I personally thought that Shiseido Benefiance is somehow a little bit too potent for my current age. Hence, Sister suggested me trying Origins Youthopia Firming Eye Cream instead.  Not so soon, I guess since I still have a pot of Kose Sekkisei Eye Cream left.

Anyways, I am not here to whine about my eyes. LOL! I wanted to review about LoveMore Provence Lavender Night-Time Whitening Mask yesterday but I got caught up with a bit of work hence the delay. So, here it is now today.



LoveMore Provence Lavender Night-Time Whitening Mask comes in a cute packaging of an envelope. Cute, isn’t it? Well, it wasn’t the packaging which drawn me to the product. But because I was quite impressed with the results of the previous LoveMore sheet masks which I had used. But unfortunately, these versions of LoveMore sheet masks do not seem to be effective as the ones which I tried previously. The main purposes of this sheet mask are brightening, whitening, softening and oil control.

Extracted from

 Carefully chosen lavender from the French Provence, this lavender mask relaxes your skin during the night time and maximizes your skin’s blood circulation. Using different mild botanic ingredients with excellent whitening benefits and sebum control, your skin will be fair and free from oil the next day!

I personally think that the description on was a bit overrated. Hahaha … I don’t think what I smelled when I removed the sheet mask from the packaging was lavender. It did gave me a calming and soothing effect. The texture of the sheet mask was thin enough for my liking. But unfortunately, it’s ability to hold essence well was a complete disappointment. This was my second piece of LoveMore sheet masks which came with the envelope packaging. I was a little bit disappointed when I was trying the first one and I thought perhaps the second one would be better. But they turned out to be the same in terms of holding essence.

I could see the essence slowly dripping downwards from my chin. I have to kept on wiping the essence off with a piece of tissue so that it doesn’t wet my shirt. The sheet mask dries up rather quickly compared to some of the other sheet masks which I had tried previously. My skin complexion indeed brightened up and moisturized when I had removed the sheet mask from my face like 20 minutes later. But I don’t think it does well in terms of controlling the sebum on my face. My skin did turned a little bit oily a while later.

So, here’s what I think of the product in a nutshell:

1. Skin complexion brightened up and felt moisturized.
2. Calming and soothing effect.

1. Sheet mask couldn’t hold essence properly.
2. Doesn’t seems to be able control the sebum on my face.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: RM3.30 (

Repurchase? Definitely not!

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