Review: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Face Wash

I had finally gotten my new Sony NEX-3N in hand. Requested my colleague to buy for me when she was in Miri few days ago. Hahaha … She was a little bummed because mine was RM100 cheaper than hers when both of us were having the same brand and model. Surprisingly, white version is RM100 cheaper compared to the standard black. I actually wanted the black version but seeing that it’s RM100 cheaper with white, I decided to go with the latter just to save some bucks. Spending on Prada and Longchamp had already costed me a fortune. LOL!

As promised, here comes my review on Hada Labo Mild Peeling Face Wash.


I don’t normally buy random facial cleansers at a local supermarket ever since I started my skincare routine with both Shiseido and Kose. I find these random facial cleansers to be a little bit harsh on my skin. The reason why I bought this facial cleanser the other day was because my face was feeling and looking all dirty. And I couldn’t stand leaving it just like that until evening. So, I chose the best brand of facial cleanser which was available on the display shelf.


The texture was in the form of paste instead of liquid. It doesn’t have a overpowering scent. It smelled pretty mild to almost fragrance-less to me. Despite the texture was in the form of paste, it could lather pretty well as some of the other facial cleansers which I had previously used.

My face looked squeaky clean and complexion was brightened up when rinsed with normal tap water (we don’t have lukewarm water at workplace). But unfortunately, I could see bumps forming on my skin a while later. Another downside of the product was that it leaves my skin feeling dry a while after.

So, here’s what I think of the product in a nutshell:

1. Inexpensive.
2. Mildly scented to almost fragrance-less.
3. Squeaky clean.
4. Skin complexion brightened up.

1. Mild breakouts on my skin.
2. Dries up my akin.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5

Price: B$6.00

Repurchase? Definitely not!

10 thoughts on “Review: Hada Labo Mild Peeling Face Wash

  1. While I didn’t feel this cleanser was harsh on my skin, I always found it hard to lather up into nice fluffy foam. I usually get flat watery foam LOL. But it is a good alternative to harsher grainy scrubs.

    • I have read lots of reviews on this product and most of them seemed to be positive apart from mine. LOL!

      I am thinking of trying Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip and hopefully it wouldn’t be harsh on my skin like this one. Luckily, this wasn’t expensive or else it’s gonna be a waste of $$$.

      • Perfect Whip is almost the perfect cleanser for me. It foams up a lot but doesn’t dry up my face. The foam is dense and not watery like most drug store cleansers. I can even using it as shaving cream.

        As there were discounts on Senka products at Watsons I went and bought another tube for RM17 LOL. Perfect Whip has already replaced my Kose Seikisho soap that was pretty disappointing. For RM 65 a bar I thought it would be able to last me at least 4 months. But after just one month the soap has shrunk half in size and it got all gooey n slimy, making lathering a real chore 😦

    • Hmm … Your personal opinion towards Perfect Whip made me even more wanted to try it for myself.

      I think I will ask my friend to get it for me on her coming trip to KL. It’s sad that Watsons Miri doesn’t stock up Senka range. They only stock up limited products for Pure Beauty. Have you tried the cleansing oils from Pure Beauty?

      I am currently still using Kose Sekkisei White Liquid Wash and I love it a lot. But unfortunately, they run out very fast like your Kose Seikisho Soap even though I only use one pump once. *sigh*

  2. FYI if your friend is headed to Petaling Jaya, Senka is only available at Watsons Sunway Pyramid and Watsons 1Utama. Smaller Watsons stores don’t carry the brand. They fly off the shelves pretty fast too. I was at Watsons 1Utama earlier and the sunscreens and lotions were mostly sold out.

    I have not tried Pure Beauty before, They any good ? It’s a Watsons brand right ?

    • Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be sure to remind my friend if she happens to go both of the malls that you mentioned.

      Yeah … Pure Beauty is only sold in Watsons, just like Shiseido Senka. Hmm … As far as I have heard, the reviews were quite good.

      I wanted to purchase a bottle of their cleansing oil the other day, but my friend said it was out of stock.

      • one more thing…there r Senka Value sets available. RM49.90 for 130g PErfect Whip and a full size 200ml lotion (either whitening or moisturizing but only in the fresh version). But depends on availability of stock.

    • I don’t usually dare to try the drugstore brand of lotion or moisturizer as they normally give me breakout. Cleansing oil is surprisingly exceptional. LOL! But is the lotion from Shiseido Senka any good?

  3. It’s pretty good and a cheaper alternative to the Sekkisei Lotion.

    Similar to the Hada Labo lotions but this one is lighter in texture and absorbs faster. Contains alcohol though. I been using the whitening fresh version for a week with no side effects.

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