Birthday Dinner @ Bello Cafe

It was my 26th birthday yesterday and Kaylie made an arrangement beforehand to celebrate it with me. She gave me the privilege to choose where I wanted it to be. I was tired of choosing places so she suggested Charcoal BBQ & Grill. Surprisingly, I wasn’t so interested with dining at the place. So, I came up with another choice – Bello Cafe, Seri Qlap Mall. The last time I visited Bello Cafe was probably almost a year ago. It was a dinner with Seng Yee, if I don’t recall wrongly.

Kaylie and I arranged to meet at Bello Cafe at 6:30p.m. in the evening but the both of us were running late but I still managed to arrive before her. I was window shopping at The Mall before the dinner seeing that I still have an hour time to kill. Bought myself an iPhone 5 housing. The sales staff at the mobile shop confirmed with me that the housing for iPhone 5 and 5S will be compatible. So, hopefully it is. It ain’t cheap, you know? B$28!!!


Most of my friends thought that I bought an iPhone 5S already. Truth is, I usually buy the housing for my desired phone before I actually buy the phone. That way, I wouldn’t sway away from my actual preference. LOL!

Anyways, let’s start with the food pictures from yesterday dinner …


Interior design of Bello Cafe – contemporary, classy and cozy!


Hot Latte – Caramel | B$5.00

I forgot to stir my latte before drinking, hence it was extremely sweet when my drink had hit bottom. LOL! I liked this picture. I liked the macro function of my new Sony NEX-3N. It’s not as good as those from Canon and Nikon but this will lasts me for another good few years while I learn my way into photography.


Hot Cappuccino – Caramel | B$5.00


Angel Hair Carbonara with Wild Mushroom | B$8.80

I was craving for some pasta recently, hence I ordered myself Angel Hair Carbonara with Wild Mushroom. I think I preferred Fettuccine the most when it comes to pasta. The portion for wild mushroom was generous, which I liked since I am a huge fan of mushrooms related food. The texture of the carbonara sauce was smooth and creamy. I did not manage to finish all the sauce just in case I go all sick later after the meal. But I finished up the pasta and the wild mushroom. If you are a huge fan of carbonara and mushrooms, you could always try this the next time you go Bello Cafe.


Homemade Beef Patty with Creamy Scrambled Egg & Parmesan Cheese | B$7.80

Kaylie’s choice of main course. According to her, the homemade beef patty and the scrambled egg were good. But the pita bread itself was a bit dry and hard. Well, that was inevitable unless you ate it straight when served. I don’t eat beef so I did not get to try hers.


Crispy Chicken Wings | B$6.80

3 pieces of chicken wings, seasoned with garlic marinade. I couldn’t taste any garlic in the chicken wings though but I have to admit that it was deep fried to perfection, crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. But unfortunately, Kaylie wasn’t extremely satisfied with their Crispy Chicken Wings. But I do find the wings to be extremely oily though.

Bello Cafe
Unit L1/12, Ground Floor,
Seri Qlap Mall, Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2233989


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