Review: Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil

Some of you may have heard of this brand or maybe not. Shiseido Senka is a lower range drugstore brand of Shiseido, just like AquaLabel. Albeit it’s from the lower range, but I can rest assure you that it worked as good as those expensive counter brands’ of cleansing oils. Ever since I found out that lower range of cleansing oil can be as effective as those from counters, I had been sticking with those from drugstores. As long as they are not harsh on both my skin and my wallet, I am fine with them. LOL!


I found out about this cleansing oil via a beauty blog but I couldn’t remember whose blog it was. I was searching high and low for this cleansing oil in Miri but only to find that it was not available in Miri but the nearest in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (KL). Coincidentally, KinG told me that he is flying to KL for some concert and I seized the opportunity to ask him to get this bottle of cleansing oil for me from Watsons.

The consistency of the liquid is pretty watery to me compared to some of the other cleansing oils which I have used. In terms of the smell, it smelled quite nice and not overpowering to me. In terms of effectiveness, I find it to be cleansing quite well on my skin. I usually use about 3 to 4 pumps. I know it sounded absurd to use that much but it’s a habit to me. The lesser I use, I am prone to think it’s not gonna clean well.

The cleansing oil emulsifies very quickly when it gets in contact with water. But what I did not like about the cleansing oil was that it blurred eye vision very seriously. And my vision only returned to normal when I have double cleansed my face with my usual facial cleanser – Kose Sekkisei White Liquid Wash. It doesn’t break out on my sensitive skin, which is the best thing of all. Last but not least, it leaves my face looking squeaky clean!

So, here’s what I think of Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil in a nutshell:

1. Cleanse very well.
2. Emulsifies very quickly when it gets in contact with water.
3. Doesn’t break out on my sensitive skin.
4. Inexpensive.

1. Blurred eye vision.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Price: RM39.90 (But I got mine for RM35.91)

Repurchase? Quite likely yeah!


23 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil

  1. Have u tried the Perfect Watery Oil before ? Both Perfect Oil and Perfect Watery Oil seem so similar that I can’t decide which one to buy.

    How does Perfect Oil compare with Hada Labo Cleansing Oil ?

    • There’s a difference between Perfect Oil and Perfect Watery Oil. If I am not mistaken, the latter is more for heavy duty cleansing especially those who needed to wash off make-up. The former focuses more on clearing pores.

      Honestly speaking, I couldn’t really find the difference between Perfect Oil and Hada Labo Cleansing Oil. They were just cleansing oils to me. As long as they are able to cleanse my face well without giving me breakout the next day, I am absolutely fine with them.

      But if I were to choose preference among these two, I think I’ll go for Perfect Oil. Liked the scent, texture and most importantly, the price! LOL!

      Anyways, have you tried the Hada Labo Cleansing Oil?

  2. I’m actually on my 2nd bottle of HL Cleansing Oil. I was using the Biore UV Perfect Face Milk a few days ago and the HL C.O couldn’t remove it 100%. Maybe that sunscreen was just too resistant to wash off or i wasn’t massaging the C.O long enough. So in any case I’m kind of looking for a reasonably priced C.O with better cleansing power. I’ll probably try one of the Senka C.Os once im done with the Hada Labo one.

    • Maybe you should give Biore Cleansing Oil a shot. It was cheap too. I think it was priced about RM19.55 only. I liked it’s affordability but it makes my skin feeling dry after rinsing. Smelled very nice too, like green or red apples. LOL!

      Biore Cleansing Oil claimed to be able to remove waterproof mascara, perhaps it could cleanse your sunscreen perfectly too? I use sunscreen everyday as well and Biore Cleansing Oil seems to be able to cleanse quite well for me.

      • I was previously using the Biore C.O. went through 5 bottles of it LOL. It cheap but I just don’t like the texture. I find it a bit thick and hard to emulsify. Leaves a layer on my skin even after it emulsifies.

        I think I’ll just stick to Hada Labo for the time being. Price, texture and emulsification ability are all perfect for me. Maybe I need to spend more time massaging it in to remove sunscreen.

    • Have you ever thought of trying cleansing cream instead of cleansing oil? I find them to be quite good and as effective as cleansing oil.

      The best one that I have tried so far was the one from Kose. I have tried the one from SK-II but I preferred the one from Kose. The one from SK-II breaks out on me once in a while.

  3. I recently bought both the Perfect Oil and Perfect Watery Oil. I much prefer the Watery Oil because after water is added it leaves no residue behind. Perfect Oil leaves some residue behind. The cleansing power seems to be about the same. Watery Oil does leave my face squeaky clean and i probably could skip using a cleansing foam.

    Perfect Whip ended up quite disappointing mainly because of the lack of cleansing power. I ended up moving on to Kanebo Freshel Clear Soap and Whitening Lotion.

    • Would the liquid texture and consistency be the same as the product name? Watery? Maybe I should try Perfect Watery Oil instead the next time if I managed to get one. I am almost done with Perfect Oil.

      I thought you were already on your second tube of Perfect Whip previously? Hmm … Does the facial cleanser leave your skin feeling tight? I hate it when a facial cleanser does that to my skin.

      I am currently using Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser and it’s good on my skin so far. I’ll try Kanebo Freshel Clear Soap next time if I could find it in Miri next month.

      • Watery Oil is thicker than Perfect Oil. quite significantly thicker.

        I thought using a milder cleanser would be better but i started to notice that my face was getting oilier faster when I was using Perfect Whip. After I switched to Freshel Clear Soap, almost instantly my face is less oily. I guess Senka products ain’t for me except Watery Oil.

      • RM30 but goes on sale once in a while.

        White C Cleansing Oil has been discountinued I guess. The whole White C line has been discontinued. its now known simply as Kanebo Freshel.

        But on the Freshel Taiwan site there is an oil cleanser n is listed as a new product. However it isn’t shown in the Japan or Malaysia site. So maybe its just a Taiwan exclusive product.

        I hope they won’t revamp the brand anymore or pull it out of the Malaysian market like they did last year.

    • Oh … Kanebo Freshel White C Cleansing Oil is considered as a budget and yet effective cleansing oil for me. Have you ever tried this cleansing oil?

      A colleague of mine wanted to buy cleansing oil. I wanted to recommend her this but I had a vague memory that it had been discontinued in the market.

      Is there any other good, cheap and effective cleansing oil that you have in mind? Some of the cleansing oils which I find them good are hard to be found in East Malaysia or some probably discontinued altogether.

      • I have used 2 bottles of the White C Cleansing Oil. But availability was an issue for me n I wanted something cheaper so I switched to Biore C.O. When I wanted to buy White C C.O it was no longer available locally.

        Other than Biore the next cheap good one will be ZA (grey bottle). The next tier would be Neutrogena and Hada Labo which are around RM50. Aqualabel is also the same price I think but im not sure if its available in East Malaysia.

    • I had tried Biore Cleansing Oil previously and it left my skin feeling all dry if I do not apply any toner or moisturizer after facial cleansing. My colleague bought the jelly version of Biore Cleansing Oil but she said she preferred Biotherm White D-Tox Detoxifying + Cleansing Oil. Biotherm cleansing oil is good but expensive, about RM130 here in East Malaysia.

      I bought the Neutrogena one but haven’t gotten round to try it. Maybe gonna start with it in within a few days when my Shiseido Senka Perfect Oil completely runs out. Aqualabel is available here in East Malaysia but they only have the blue bottle for cleansing oil and not the red one. It cleanses very well but I hate the scent. Very rosy. LOL!

      • Haha yes the rose smell. I found it really annoying the 1st time I used that C.O. couldn’t wait to finish the bottle too. I think all the Aqualabel products smell the same.

      • Just wondering, have you ever purchased any skincare products on the Internet in Malaysia?

        I was thinking of getting some Japanese drugstore brands of cleansing oils like Kose Softymore and Kanebo Kracie from They were cheap but I am afraid that these products would be confiscated at the custom.

        It’s usually hard for me to buy skincare products online and have them delivered to Brunei as I am prone to custom tax and worse still, these skincare products have to go through the pharmacy counter at the local post office. If the ingredients don’t pass the requirements in Brunei, they will all be confiscated.

    • Completely agreed with the fragrance factor of AquaLabel cleansing oil. Have you tried the red color range? They sell the skincare set for red color range but not the cleansing oil! I still have both Neutrogena and The Body Shop cleansing oils which I have yet used.

      There were quite a lot of good reviews on Kose Softymo cleansing oils. Have you ever used them before? I don’t think they could be easily found in Guardian or Watsons. But I heard Sasa might be carrying them. Been to a few Sasa(s) but could never find one.

      BestBuy World Malaysia does sell two types of Kose Softymo cleansing oils for the price of RM50 per bottle. But I heard it’s very cheap if you bought it from Hong Kong.

      • I tend not to buy things online in Malaysia. Postal service is a little dodgy and things tend to go missing. That’s why some sellers refuse to ship to Malaysia.

        I have only tried the Aqualabel C.O. didn’t like the fragrance. Other reviews mentioned that the whole range has the similar rose fragrance so I didn’t bother trying anything else. But the red line doesn’t have a C.O…what they have comes in a tube They call it Creamy Oil Cleansing.

        I have read reviews about Sofyymo b4 but I have yet to see that brand locally. But there might be a chance Kose will bring it in as Shiseido n Kanebo have already brought in their drug store brands into the market.

        How does one use a cleansing cream ? Is the cleaning power better than a C.O ?

    • I only bought skincare products online twice but those two websites are Malaysian own local online skincare websites. Delivery was prompt from BestBuy World Malaysia but it took me almost 3 weeks to get my parcel after ordering from

      I am very tempted to get those drugstore brands of cleansing oil like Shiseido Senka, Kanebo Kracie Naive and Kose Softymo. They are priced quite reasonable to me.

      AquaLabel does have another type of cleansing oil and it’s in a red colored bottle. It’s called Shiseido AquaLabel Moist Cleansing Oil. I think it’s not available in Malaysia or Singapore but I remembered seeing it in China. Shiseido AquaLabel has their own counters in majority leading departmental stores across China.

      I think Kose Softymo cleansing oils were previously sold in Guardian or Watsons long time ago but they were being discontinued after a while. I read from a blog actually about it. BestBuy World Malaysia sells Kose Softymo range of cleansing oils but at RM50 per bottle when I could get about half price cheaper if ordered from But of course, there comes the factor whereby there’s a possibility that my purchases being detained at custom.

      The usage of cleansing cream is actually the same like cleansing oil. Use it on a dry face and hands. I think both cleansing powers are almost equivalent. And since you are a guy who doesn’t use makeup, cleansing cream would cleanse just fine. I had tried a few brands of cleansing cream but Kose one is the best among all that I had tried. SK-II cleansing cream broke out on me few days later after usage.

      • Ok I’ll check out those 2 sites.

        There are just so many brands. Shiseido has the most I think. Their Japan site lists all their brands from expensive to cheap range.

        I think I have used Ponds Cold Cream before ? that is a cleansing cream right ? I remember it didn’t emulsify much and I had to wash my face with cleansing foam after that.

    • Agree, Shiseido has the most drugstore range of skincare products. But not sure if they are as good as the counter range type of Shiseido.

      Yeah, Ponds Cold Cream seems to be a cleansing cream for me. Well, cleansing cream doesn’t emulsify as much as cleansing oil does. But it can cleanse well enough, at least able to remove all trace of dirt and grime if you don’t use makeup.

      I usually use a cotton pad to wipe off the cleansing cream before rinsing them with water. But using cleansing cream alone without followed by facial cleanser makes me feel like my face is not clean enough. Bad habit, I guess.

  4. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought the Freshel Cleansing Cream. It was on sale for RM35 (usual price RM44). It was all good until it came to washing it off. The emulsification was minimal and no matter how much water I added there was still a oily layer on my face. Definitely have to follow up with a foaming cleanser. Now how am I gonna finish this big 250g tub LOL.

    • I had read reviews stating that Kanebo Freshel Cleansing Cream was good.

      But I actually preferred cleansing oil more than cleansing cream.

      Majority cleansing creams leave an “oil” layer. Like you mentioned, as if the face is not clean enough.

      Don’t worry, you’ll eventually finish it. LOL!

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