Review: Bombay Palace Restaurant

Promised to treat Jennifer a meal after she’s back from her holiday trip to London. Felt so embarrassed that she had to queue for me outside Prada outlet at Bicester Village before she was allowed in. According to her, the outlet was so crowded that the sales staffs and cashiers were unable to serve all customers at once. So, they had no choice but to limit a certain number of customers in the outlet at one time.

On our previous meal together at Sarang Korean Restaurant, I told her that there is another Indian restaurant in the area. A reader – Michelle Lim, recommended me the place for Indian cuisine after I had reviewed on Le’ Taj Restaurant. Being a huge fan of spicy food, Jennifer chose Bombay Palace Restaurant as our dinner place this time round. It was pouring cats and dogs while I was driving to Batu Bersurat and I could barely see the roads. I almost thought about taking a raincheck on her. But luckily, the rain sort of died down a bit when I was looking for a parking space.

Before going to Bombay Palace Restaurant, I did a research on the restaurant via some Bruneian food blogs and found out what are their bestselling dishes. So, here comes the food pictures …


All tables will be given this complimentary Indian type of crackers as appetizer after you had ordered. It’s crispy and crunchy but what I do not like about the cracker was that it was extremely salty for my liking.


Banana Lassi | B$3.50

I don’t usually order drinks when dining outside unless I am at a Japanese restaurant, then Green Tea is a mandatory. Lassi is quite a well known drink in Indian cuisine whereby it’s blended with yogurt. The texture is very smooth and the banana flavoring is very strong. They used real banana to make the lassi, but not some artificial flavoring as I tasted some banana chunks in the lassi. But unfortunately, the taste of yogurt is not very strong. The taste of banana overwhelmed the yogurt.


Garlic Naan | B$3.00

I actually wanted to try their Stuffed Naan but Jennifer suggested that we go for plain one since we had so many meat in the main courses already. True, so we had Garlic Naan. I quite like the texture of their Naan, the thickness is just right and when drizzled with the gravy from our Chicken Tikka Masala or Mutton Do Piaza, it was sinfully good.


Chicken Tikka Masala | B$8.50

This was a little bit spicy in my opinion. But all was good as my tummy handled the spiciness pretty well yesterday evening, at least I did not end up in the toilet after dinner. LOL! Chicken portion was pretty generous but oily in my opinion.


Mutton Do Piaza | B$8.50

This was sinfully good but extremely oily in my opinion. The lamb cutlets were tender and juicy. Lots of big onions though. If you are not a huge fan of big onions, I think you might not like it.


Bombay Palace Special Briyani | B$10.00

Jennifer actually wanted to order a Pilau Rice to share after we had ordered our main course. I, on the other hand wanted to order Briyani as I don’t like Pilau Rice. I find them to be drier and harder than the normal rice that we usually have at home. So when I suggested ordering Bombay Palace Special Briyani, Jennifer cancelled her Pilau Rice. When I was going through the pricing, I was wondering how can a dish of Bombay Palace Special Briyani priced at B$10 when there are only chicken as meat? So, when the dish was served, I realized that they added in lamb knuckles as well. Good but oily as well.

Verdict: Food pricing may be a little bit steep compared to Le’ Taj Restaurant. But for the food quality and quantity that they provided, I am happy and satisfied to say that dinner was good and worthy. Staffs were courteous as well and one of the waitress is really an Indian lady. It’s quite rare to see Indian lady working here in Brunei as majority restaurants’ owners would hire Filipino or Indonesian to be their waitresses.

Bombay Palace Restaurant
No: 9, Ground & First Floor,
Block B,
Bangunan Pg Mainudddin & Anak-Anak
Pengkalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2427313


One thought on “Review: Bombay Palace Restaurant

  1. Perfect place for Hindus to eat non-vegetarian fare. They have firmly refused to serve beef. A good Hindu Halal restaurant.

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