Of Random Things #28


I was given a pack of this at work the other day and I made myself a cup with it on the same day. Apparently, healthy fiber drink is not my cup of tea. It tasted like mushroom but with lots of greenish stuffs in the liquid.



A sequel of Why Men Love Bitches. Borrowed from Ing yesterday. She bought it but never gotten round to read it for herself. I wanted to buy a copy for myself from Amazon but it wasn’t available in Kindle format but hard copy. And it was selling at a ridiculous price here in Brunei so I might as well borrow from Ing since she doesn’t read albeit buying it for herself. LOL!


2 thoughts on “Of Random Things #28

  1. I agree with the crazy pricing for novels in Brunei – especially those selling at Best Eastern. They have lots of choices no doubt but wished they would sell them a little bit cheaper =( I always have to stand there and consider for a very long time whether to buy or not.. lol

    • Before I bought my own iPad, I used to invest a lot on Best Eastern. But I can now read chicklits at a lot cheaper price compared to buying a hard copy book.

      If you have a tablet – Samsung Tab or iPad, you can always download Kindle app and then buy Kindle format books from Amazon. It’s a lot cheaper. The most expensive Kindle format which I had bought was probably £7.99?

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