Belated Birthday Dinner @ iLotus

Supposedly when you are the birthday person, you would be the one whereby you do not have to fork a single cent for the dinner. But it was the total opposite yesterday evening when I had dinner with some of my closest colleagues of four. The total bill for yesterday’s dinner was split between my other colleague and I.

Her birthday was on the next day after mine. The dinner that we had yesterday was a thank you dinner from the both of us to the other two colleagues who spent a lot for our birthdays. We made a deal to have dinner together outside the workplace on one of the days when we have much more free time. We usually go to Thiam Hock Restaurant but one of my colleagues suggested that we go iLotus instead this time round.

I wasn’t keen with the idea at first coz my first hand experience had not been a good one few years ago. But my colleague claimed that the food quality had improved over the years ever since they replaced the previous head chef. So, I went there with a higher expectation this time round. And thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as it used to be.

At first, we were being given a table for five by the corner but we requested a bigger table. Best with the “wheel” on it. Hahaha … Took us quite some time to decide what to order for dinner.

So, here comes the food pictures that we had yesterday evening.


Coconut Prawn | B$30

This is one of iLotus signature dish. It was printed on a one whole page of the menu and I saw that this dish was on majority Bruneian food blogs when they dine at iLotus. This was more like Curry Prawns housed in a coconut to me. The gravy was flavorful with coconut milk. But unfortunately, the freshness of the prawns were only 50 – 50. Some of them were extremely fresh but some were not. They were probably around 13 – 18 pieces of mediums sized prawns in the coconut and they all had been “de-shelled”. LOL!


Homemade Bean Curd Spring Onion | B$6

The cheapest dish that we had in the entire dinner. The homemade bean curd was good, it was soft and sleek with a slight hint of egg taste. It was topped with generous amount of sweet soy sauce and deep fried dried shrimps. At first, I thought it was deep fried salted fish but my colleagues told me they were dried shrimps instead. This dish was good but the dried shrimps were extremely salty. As salty as a salted fish. You couldn’t blame me for mistaking it as salted fish coz they were that salty! xD


Stir Fried Biling With Sambal | B$12

Not bad but a little bit salty in my opinion. Portion was reasonable to me. I wouldn’t suggest ordering this vegetable dish at a restaurant as it’s sold dirt cheap at the local vegetable market. And restaurants usually charge sky high price for this.


Steamed Seabass Foo Chow Style | B$28

I am not a huge fan of steamed fish but this was good in my opinion. The broth tasted refreshing and not too salty. It was steamed with silken tofu, preserved salted vegetables and sliced mushrooms. The silken tofu tasted a little bit sour though but probably because the gravy was sipped into the silken tofu hence the sour taste.


Chicken With Ham & Vegetables | B$28

Chicken was juicy and tender. Gravy was flavorful to the right taste as well. I expected the ham to be extremely salty but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It practically has no taste. Hahaha …. Loved the presentation of this dish.

Verdict: Ambiance was cozy and the place was pretty spacious in my opinion. Parking spaces had been increased compared to before. Food was served promptly after ordering and customer service was good as well. Food pricing were about the same like Thiam Hock Restaurant but iLotus made bigger effort with food presentation.

No: 20, Simpang: 12-26,
Kampung Rimba, Jalan Tungku Link,
Gadong, BE3119,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2422466


7 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Dinner @ iLotus

  1. Those prices are real right!? Stir Fried Biling With Sambal for only $12!? Oh my word xD Oh well once in a while investment though x) The coconut prawn looks very appetizing :9

    • $12 for Stir Fried Biling With Sambal is cheap? LOL! I personally find it a bit extreme though I know it’s the standard price for the dish in majority restaurant. The cost for the vegetable is probably $2 only, not including labor charge for the chef.

      The Coconut Prawn was not bad but the freshness of the prawns were only 50-50. Some were very fresh and some were not.

      • Oh no i mean obviously i found it freakin’ expensive LMAO! XD Everyone should know that tbh :p I’m sure all people can cook that dish easily at home lol. Aww i feel like wanna eat the coconut prawn tho :3 The bean curd looks nice too.

        Yesterday i went to Each A Cup at Times Square & when i’ve bought drink from there, i just saw Ochado just opened next door LMAO! I was like oh no you did not! Crap xD Should have went to Ochado instead as it’s been long time i didn’t drink one x\ Plus i ordered this lime & lemon sunrise & it’s way tooooo sweet & sour! My mouth almost got paralyzed. Nice to see Ochado & SCR opened around the area. I also see some few new upcoming restaurants under construction about to open. That place is quickly turning into food galore lol :p

      • Albeit it being an expensive dish, it’s still a most ordered dish at restaurants. The Coconut Prawn was not bad but the freshness of the prawns were only by luck to me. Some were good and some were not.

        Ochado was already opened at Times Square for a couple of weeks. I had been drinking quite a lot of Ochado lately, so decided to go back to Share Tea for today. LOL!

        Do you know that there is a dessert cafe selling cupcakes only at Citis Square? Opened not long ago as well.

  2. I was there at Citis Square couple of hours ago in search of the cupcake shop but I couldn’t find it. It was advertised on the newspaper the other day. Brunei Times, if I am not mistaken. *sigh*

  3. Hmmm idk if i ever saw a dessert cafe but i think i saw this Chinese named cafe at Citis Square next to Tutti Frutti if i’m not mistaken 😮 And it seems like it’s only accessible from the outside like Eileen’s sandwich cafe lol. A hideout spot :p

    • Hmm … The dessert shop which I saw from the newspaper the other day is owned by a young local Malay lady.

      I saw a new shop about to open on the ground floor of Citis Square but the shop decoration looks like it’s either selling Islamic related stuffs or Arabian restaurant. It has the art decoration of something like a mosque.

      Feel like trying Waroeng Penyet at FRESHCO next Friday and hopefully the place won’t be crowded.

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