Review: LoveMore Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask Sheet

Good morning! How’s your Saturday so far? Been neglecting my skin recently apart from the usual daily skincare routine. I would usually try to make a habit to use at least a piece sheet mask per week. But I had stopped for like a couple of weeks ever since I restarted using Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel (which I have stopped in half bottle again). Maybe I should continue with the remaining half bottle of the mentioned product. LOL!

Anyways, I took out a piece of LoveMore Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask yesterday and used it. I requested Jia to get it for me from Watsons Miri couple of months ago when I found out that she drove down to Miri for a day trip. I was pretty satisfied with some of the other sheet masks of the same brand and range. I liked LoveMore Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet the most. Maybe I should get more of this the next time I go Miri?


As usual, this brand has the least appealing packaging for this range. LoveMore does have some other range of sheet masks but of different texture. The texture for this range is a lot thinner than the usual ones. The texture was so thin to the extent that two sheets of protective layers are mandatory so that the sheet mask doesn’t rip when you tried to pull them out.


There is no need for me to do further explanation on how this sheet mask works and what it’s for. It’s pretty self explanatory at the back of the packaging. This sheet mask claims to be able to diminish the appearance of visible pores and gives a lifting effect. This sheet mask stung a few parts of my face quite badly during application especially the areas around my cheeks and the part above my upper lips.

Not sure what triggered the sting. Perhaps too much alcohol in the sheet mask or I have open scars around the areas? It smelled quite powdery to me. Not too strong and not too light, which is acceptable in my opinion. Albeit it’s thin texture, the sheet mask pretty much able to hold the essence properly though you may find a small “pool’ of essence around your chin but they don’t drip downwards.

I don’t see a huge difference on my skin complexion after using this sheet mask apart from brightened skin complexion. In terms of reducing the appearance of visible pores, it doesn’t work up to my expectation.

So, here’s what I think of LoveMore Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask Sheet in a nutshell:

1. Smells powdery
2. Thin texture, able to hold essence well enough.
3. Inexpensive.

1. Stung certain parts of my skin badly.
2. Not much visible difference on my skin after application.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Price: RM7.90 (Buy One Get Second Half Price)

Repurchase? Definitely not!


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