Limbang (20.10.2013)

Went down to Limbang with parents early this morning. The day trip was pretty boring in my opinion as there is nothing much that you could do in Limbang. Most of the shops shut down after lunch hour. So, you could imagine how quiet the town is. I would rather go Miri than Limbang. *sigh*

There is nothing much to update on today’s post but food pictures only. xD


The weather was freaking hot today. One of my usual favorite “kopitiam” drink is Hot Honey Lemon but I made an exception today by ordering Iced Lemon to quench my thirst. Couldn’t taste much lemon in the drink. Perhaps I should have ordered Iced Lemon Tea?


Braised Pork Knuckle In Herbal Stew

Recommended by either the staff or the lady boss of the restaurant. She said the herbal taste of the stew is minimal only. True indeed but we all find it to be too salty for our liking.


Roasted Duck | RM16


Stir Fried Biling With Red Wine

Not the slightest taste of red wine but salt only. *sweat* Portion was extremely generous but not good enough for our taste buds.


Braised Sea Cucumber Soup

Total Damage: RM83 (Not cheap for Limbang standard, don’t you think so?)


2 thoughts on “Limbang (20.10.2013)

  1. The only attraction of Limbang is…..WATSONS! XD Lol esp for us beauty shoppers though :p Woah RM 83 converts to Brunei dollar is roughly around $40+! Yeah it’s kinda pricey haha

    • Yeah … I had seen a Watsons at the roadside every time I go Limbang but never went in though. How big is the shop? I don’t think they have much stocks as compared to the Watsons in Miri.

      For the food quality, B$40+ when converted seems steep. Hahaha … xD

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