Of Random Things #29

Good morning!

As some of you may have known, I had posted a picture of the box packaging of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on my Instagram yesterday evening. Jia thought that it’s my new phone. Truth be told, the phone is not mine. It’s for my Sister. It’s not a birthday present from me to her (I am not that rich yet), though I may have orally agreed to sponsor her a branded wallet next year.


Paid B$908 for this phone, inclusive of a complimentary screen protector. I wouldn’t say it’s complimentary when I saw my bill receipt. They charged B$888 for the phone itself and another B$20 for the screen protector. So I thought maybe if I forfeit the screen protector, they would charge me B$888 only? Fat chance, LOL!

When I just arrived home from Limbang yesterday afternoon, I drove out to Seri Q-Lap Mall discreetly. I only told parents that I am going back to the office to settle some work stuffs. I did went back to the office though. My Sister doesn’t want to reveal the fact that she’s coming home yet. So, I have to do things very discreetly and watch out what I am saying most of the time. So damn tiring and brain exhausting.

Unfortunately, the Sales Staff at Shopping.com told me that they ran out of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but she was kind enough to make a phone call to Coco for me and check if they had any stock left. Turned out Coco still had Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in Classic White. And I was also tempted to get myself an iPhone 5S at the same time. But decided to wait till it dropped to less than 1K.


It’s been a while … Ever since Ochado opened it’s door at The Mall, I frequented Share Tea lesser nowadays. Decided to buy myself a cup of Share Tea’s favorite yesterday.


Wintermelon with Rock Salt & Cheese | B$4.50


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