Today’s Breakfast #10

Good morning! Having a early day today due to some work commitment and it’s gonna be another early day as well tomorrow morning. *sob*

Anyways, here’s a picture of my today’s breakfast!


Got the Spicy Chicken Floss Bun from The Lof yesterday afternoon as high tea snack but I had a slice of birthday cake instead. I brought this home since I ate proper food for dinner yesterday evening. Mom told me to bring this back to work since I did not have any breakfast before leaving home for work. Made myself a cup of instant coffee in the cute Hello Kitty mug which I bought in the early of this month in one of the stores at The Mall.

What do you think of my Hello Kitty mug? Cute? LOL!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Breakfast #10

    • You’re in luck! It’s not as expensive as sold on eBay. The original retail price was B$8.80 but I bought it with 10% discount since my friend had their member discount card.

      Do you know where U.R.S (the shoe shop) is at The Mall? It’s on the same floor and around the same area but by the corner. Quite nearby to the toilet if I am not mistaken.

      • $8.80???!!?!?!?! That’s not expensive at all (for such a cute mug) LOL! In eBay they’re selling like $20+ =.=

        Haven’t been upstairs in the Mall for quite sometime now, so don’t think I know where the U.R.S is.. new shoe shop?? which floor is it on? I’ll go around to all the shops nearby the toilet to check it out.. LOL! XD

    • Yeah … It’s not expensive. I bought it for B$7.92 after 10% member discount. My friend said the name of the shop is Coco Meme.

      I think it’s on the same floor as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Around the same row as previous Chong Hock, if I am not wrong.

      They do have Rilakuma as well, if you are interested. But the designs are not as cute as the Hello Kitty mug though.

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