Of Random Things #31

A couple of colleagues made quite a few local delicacies for certain few reasons. As some of you may have known, I had just bought a SONY NEX-3N about two weeks ago. Food are always the best props for me to brush up my photography skill.

So, below are the few pictures of what my colleagues had made or baked this morning.


Couldn’t be sure what this is, but I think it’s carrot cake. Not likely to be banana cake, I think.




I think you should have known what this is. One of my colleagues made a lot of this but in three different colorings – cherry red, yellow and green!


From the same colleague who made the above pastel colors delicacies.



Round Marble Cake


I could neither make nor bake, so I buy. LOL! My other colleague and I shared this. Ordered from Golden Leaf Restaurant on Monday morning and collected it this morning. They were good looking, right? This set of peach shaped delicacy is priced at B$18.80. Reasonably priced I would say since the size is quite big. It comes with a medium sized and 9 smaller sized ones.


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