Today’s Breakfast #11

I set out from home early than usual this morning to collect some food from Golden Leaf Restaurant. So, I ordered a bit of lunch for takeaways from Mituo Vegetarian Restaurant since I couldn’t eat meat today. Took them forever to prepare my Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh so I requested for it to be taken away instead of dining in. Ordered myself a Vegetable Fritter while waiting for my food.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Breakfast #11

  1. The vegetable fritters at mituo is the best.. When I was there for the eat as you want, pay as you wish buffet they always run out of those fritters very quickly.. its very addictive >,< lol

    Btw, your pictures are all very nice (especially those taken using your new camera) very nice quality =D

    • Yeah … The Vegetable Fritters are good but the one I had this morning was pretty floury and it’s not warm anymore.

      Lucky for me, the food that I had this morning including takeaways were sponsored. Some generous man sponsored the entire food ordered of the restaurant for today.

      Thank you for the compliment on my food pictures!

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