Of Random Things #32


Ing sent me this yesterday morning and I find it to be quite true. I don’t have the habit of liking pictures or statuses on Facebook but don’t you think the statement is very true? LOL!


2 thoughts on “Of Random Things #32

  1. OMG this! LOL XD I hate it too when my friends do this. Like it’s obvious they’re stalking. My fault anyway for not changing up the setting :p Actually i’m kinda embarrassed to delete my old pics in FB as i’ve to go through them. Esp the ugly ones. Yikes!

    • Hahaha … But I rarely encounter such situation though. LOL!

      I had a few friends who used to tag me for my unglamorous pictures on Facebook couple of years ago. I had to untag them so that they won’t appear on Photos Of You. Hahaha …

      And now I disabled posting on my timeline and tagging requires my approval also before they go onto my timeline. If not, everyone can see what I am up to. LOL!

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