Lunch @ Paddington House Of Pancakes, Brunei

I love the pictures’ outcomes of the ones taken at Paddington House Of Pancakes yesterday afternoon while having lunch with Sister and Jennifer. They may not be good for some of you who have professional background in photography but it’s good enough for the amateur me. LOL! While I was having coffee break with both Sister and KinG at Gloria Jean’s Coffees yesterday evening, KinG asked if I am satisfied with my purchase of this camera. Honestly speaking, I am extremely satisfied.

I even took a few pictures of the restaurant which I did not get to while I was still using those normal compact digital cameras. So, here comes the clearer version pictures of the restaurant which I took yesterday before showing what food we had for lunch yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, you are not feeling hungry at this time. xD


I think the lady in yellow shirt at the back of the restaurant is Jia‘s friend.


There wasn’t much patrons at that time coz it was almost 2 in the afternoon. Sister said that their desserts looked mouthwatering good on their menu. They indeed looked good especially their Strawberry New York Cheesecake but unfortunately, I couldn’t find lots of cheesecake chunks but some tiny small bits only. But nevertheless, it was the dollars pancakes which I loved!


Flower decoration by the window and it really smelled nice. Assumed they bought it from the home decoration shop next door.



Okay, let me start with the pictures of beverages first then followed by the main courses. We did not order any of their desserts since we all planned to have desserts at Ximply Chriz Cafe. I will be covering on Ximply Chriz tomorrow, so stay tune if you are interested!


Cafe Bombon | B$4.00

This is just a regular coffee with condensed milk. Albeit it looked normal but it tasted pretty good. I don’t feel like having cold beverages and Hot Chocolate doesn’t seems to entice me, so Cafe Bombon it was since it’s name really appealed to me. LOL!


Mint Melon Refresher | B$4.50

Funnily enough, I think this beverage which Sister ordered looked exactly the same like the Perky Lemon & Mint Sparkler which I ordered previously. Wondered if the barista got the concotion wrongly? According to Sister, mint leaves are good for constipation. So if you are having constipation issue, drink more beverages made with mint leaves.


Iced Lemon Tea | B$3.00

This was what Jennifer ordered. Surprised that she ordered this instead of those mocktail drinks.

So, let’s start on the food pictures  …


Nice | B$16.00

Please take note that this is not pronounced as “nai-se” but “niece”. This savory dish was named after a city in Italy. The dish came with a piece French Crepe filled with chicken breast fillets, chicken ham slices, mushrooms and some seafood. And it has a side dipping sauce which tasted like carbonara sauce with button mushrooms. I had Wellington previously and doesn’t feel like going for their pancakes burgers so I had French Crepe instead.

Honestly speaking, this is one big portion of food for me. But surprisingly, I was able to finish it with my Cafe Bombon. I must be starving at that point of time. The chicken breast fillets were juicy though I would have very much preferred chicken thigh fillets instead. And they had super generous portions of button mushrooms as well!


Monaco | B$18.50

When this was being served on our dining table, I almost gasped when looking at the portion. But it was indeed a filling dish. It came with an extremely generous portion of button mushrooms, centered with three pieces of grilled herbal lamb shoulders. The very bottom layer was a zucchini and spring onions filled pancake. I was awed with the presentation. It looked very nice in the picture, isn’t it (as compared to some other pictures but of the same dish on the Internet)? LOL!

I liked the button mushrooms, but I personally find the lamb shoulders to be overdone. It was a little bit hard and dry. But in terms of flavoring, it was adequately done. The pancake filled with zucchini and spring onions, not my favorite food. LOL!


Aglio Olio | B$9.50

Jennifer’s choice of lunch. Was surprised that she went for pasta at Paddington House Of Pancakes whereby everyone are very likely to go ahead with their savory pancakes or crepes. It turned out that the pasta was good with a little bit of spiciness in it. If you are a huge fan of pasta, you could always try their pastas. When I was showing this picture to a colleague of mine, she asked me when I am gonna cook her pasta again? LOL!

Paddington House Of Pancakes
Unit 3 & 4, Simpang: 58,
Jalan Berakas,
Kampung Serusop,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2331668

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