Late Dinner @ Depot V.LO Cafe

Brought Sister to Depot V.LO Cafe on the night when her flight from Shanghai landed Brunei. She came out a short while after I arrived at the Arrival Hall. Guess that being the perk of not checking in her luggage. Hahaha … Initially, she told me that she is craving for some Nasi Lemak. I actually wanted to bring her to the newly opened Waroeng Penyet at FRESHCO. But then I remembered that the chili paste served at Waroeng Penyet will be too extreme for both her taste bud and stomach.

So, I suggested Depot V.LO Cafe as I remembered reading a review mentioning that their Nasi Lemak were not bad. There weren’t much patrons when we arrived but there were quite a few tables being placed a RESERVED sign. Throughout our entire dinner, we did not see any patron occupying the reserved dining table. By the time we were done with our dinner, it was almost 10 in the evening.


As you can see from the above picture, the cafe has quite an unique interior decoration. The owner made use of wooden palettes as the dining table surface, topped with a piece of thick glass. According to Sister, the glasses require high maintenance. If they were not properly wiped, it’s gonna leave scar marks on the glasses eventually. There were also a few other pieces of wooden palettes hanging on the ceiling.



I am not sure what kind of galaxy signs that they are trying to make with those PVC pipes. But it did have an unique interior decoration compared to any other cafe in Brunei.


Lime | B$3.00

I couldn’t remembered what’s the name of this beverage. I thought they would have printed the full name of the beverage on the receipt, so I did not bother with taking pictures of their menu. But all I know that it’s a concoction of lime with peppermint leaves. I am pretty sure that you could have guessed who ordered this drink. The one who had been insisting that peppermint leaves are able to fix constipation problem. LOL!


Hot Lime | B$1.80

I don’t think this is the hot version of the beverage which Sister ordered. This tasted more like the local 3 Sours that we could find at kopitiam. Tasted okay for me as I managed to finish like three quarter of the entire beverage.


Chicken Boxing In A Basket | B$5.50

Sister and I ordered this to share. I had been curious about this particular dish as I had been seeing it as one of the most ordered dish at Depot V.LO Cafe. The first time when I visited Depot V.LO Cafe, I saw Kaylie ordered this to share with her sister as well. These Chicken Boxing were basically chicken drummets or wings whereby the flesh had been removed from the bones. Make them into chicken balls and have them “stick” onto the top of the chicken drummets or wings before they were deep fried. It came with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. I liked the French Fries, they were good.


Nasi Lemak | B$4.50

The lady indeed got her craving fixed. She ordered a plate of Nasi Lemak. According to her, the chili paste was too spicy for her to handle. So, she ended up ditching the chili paste. She liked the deep fried chicken wing, it was perfectly marinated and crunchy. The rice was flavorful as well with the right mix of coconut milk.


3D Pasta | B$15.00

Wondered why it’s called 3D Pasta? If you observed carefully, I am pretty sure you have found out why. If you haven’t, let me tell you why. Did you see that there are three types of pastas in the dish? Penne, Spaghetti and Linguine. Not sure if I got them all right, but I am definitely sure that the first two were correct. The portion was extremely generous. No wonder the price was so steep for this particular dish of pasta.

The pasta tasted a little bit spicy for my stomach to handle. I ended up having serious rounds of diarrhea before I went to bed. I was sweating profusely as the pain was completely unbearable. Luckily they subsided after I drowned two packets of those Chinese herbal pills. There were a couple pieces of those frozen clams in the pasta as well. I suspected that those may be the reasons for diarrhea as well.

Depot V.LO Cafe
Unit 6, Ground Floor,
Block B, Kiarong Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2225555


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