Dinner @ The Xinful Cafe

Kaylie and I had dinner together since Kevin (Kaylie’s boyfriend) had to work late shift yesterday evening. I ran out of Laneige Clear-C Effector, so I made a detour to Hua Ho Manggis Mall to get myself another new bottle. Supposed to drive all the way to Hua Ho, Yayasan to check some Elizabeth Arden products for my colleague. But since she decided not to get Elizabeth Arden anytime soon, I decided to get Laneige Clear-C Effector from the nearest Laneige counter instead.

Kaylie and I agreed to meet up at The Xinful Cafe at 8:00p.m. in the evening but I was there 10 minutes earlier since there was nothing much for me to shop at Hua Ho, Manggis Mall. I ordered myself of a cup warm homemade fresh soy milk while waiting for Kaylie to arrive.


Homemade Fresh Soy Milk | B$1.50

The previous time when I had their Homemade Fresh Soy Milk, it was really bland to the extent that I have to add in several scoops of brown sugar. But surprisingly, albeit it was tasteless this time, I find it bearable for my taste bud as I don’t have to add in any sugar.


Chicken Luncheon & Egg Sandwiches | B$2.80

Kaylie and I ordered the same thing as our main courses for dinner. Hahaha … I had been seeing quite a lot of this sandwich dish on blog reviews. So, I thought I might just as well try it for once and see what’s so good about it. Honestly speaking, sandwiches are not my thing. Hahaha … I only eat them when I feel like it.

The omelette were thick and nicely fried. They weren’t dry. The plain bread was spread with margarine on both layers before placing the omelette and pan fried chicken luncheon. Surprisingly, the chicken luncheon tasted exactly like chicken frankfurter to me. I would very much preferred the plain bread to be toasted beforehand so that the margarine will taste much more flavorful.


Deep Fried Fish Balls With Chicken | B$2.80

This was the light snack which Kaylie ordered which I only ate about 2 pieces, if I recalled correctly. There isn’t much to rave about this light snack. At first, I thought these fish balls were those frozen ones from the local supermarket. But Kaylie thinks that they are homemade. So whether or not they are homemade, I have no idea.


Spring Onion Pancake | B$2.80

Hugely craving for this ever since my last tasting of it with Rain and Kaylie few months ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as how it used to be. I find it to be rather dry this time round. It wasn’t as oily as before but it’s the texture which I don’t like and it doesn’t have much of spring onions taste despite there are generous amount of spring onions in the pancake.


Red Velvet | B$4.00

This was a little bit different compared to the Red Velvet which I had here previously. The one I had previously was a lot bigger in size for the same price. Click here for image comparison. Honestly speaking, I prefer this version though I think I am a wee bit ripped off for the same price paid but half size smaller. This has the perfect size which doesn’t make you feel bloated after a dinner meal.

The layer of Red Velvet cake was still a little bit sweet for my liking but the cream cheese layers in between neutralized it. There was a slight hint of lemon taste in the cream cheese as well. I liked this version very much but I still think B$4.00 is way overpriced. Hahaha … What do you think?


Did you know what’s that in the picture frame? It’s a Strudel with your choice of flavor – Durian or Mango. I felt like ordering yesterday but decided against it since my tummy was too full already and Kaylie doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of durian. Well, she is completely anti durian to be more specific. LOL!

The Xinful Cafe
Simpang: 21, Block B,
Unit 19, Gadong Central,
Mukim Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2457965


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