Review: Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic

Good morning! Time does fly back very quickly, don’t you think so? It’s now the last day of October and we are entering another new month in just less than 24 hours. And mostly importantly, Chinese New Year is also around the corner. Sister was making plan if we should be going out of town during Chinese New Year.

She suggested Taipei but I am not so keen about Taipei during CNY as majority places would be shut down since the entire population would be celebrating one of the biggest cultural festival of the year. In the end, we are deciding on Bangkok. Not sure if it’s gonna be on since air tickets are not cheap. It’s coming to B$600 per person right now.

Anyways, I’ll leave that to a later stage. Let us get back to what I shall be doing for today.

I am not sure if you have heard of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic. I only came around this product when I was scrolling through the Kose product listings on their official website. To be honest, it ain’t cheap at all for a mask but I got mine in sample tub from couple of months ago. The perks of buying sample size products are that you can try many different products and never feel guilty about giving or throwing them away if they don’t work out well on your skin. Hahaha …


Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic


A sample tub of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic came in 30ml worth of product. The full size product comes with a skincare spatula. But since I am buying a sample tub, don’t expect that it’s gonna come as what’s being given for a full size product. But nevertheless, 30ml is more than enough to last you for a good few months.


The liquid is a yellowish or beige in colour. It comes with a slightly thick texture. The liquid smelled powdery in the tub itself but turned herbal smell which smelled exactly like Angelica Root when applied onto the face. Despite it smelled herbal, I still find it bearable. I wouldn’t say it has the most pleasant smell but I wouldn’t say it has the world’s unpleasant smell either. Some people may like the scent and may some not, depending on own preference.

I believed that you may have worked out how this product works based on the back of the product packaging. And yes, this is a mask. It’s not leave-on. You have to rinse them off with water after one minute of application. It’s generally very easy to use and not time consuming. You can do it in the shower before putting on body shampoo on your body. By the time you finished scrubbing your body, your face is all ready to be washed.

The main function of this product is providing intensive whitening by reducing the appearance of dark spots, leaving skin looking more brighter and evenly toned. It can also smooths skin to keep it lively and radiantly clear. I had been using this product religiously for the past two weeks like twice in a week and I could really see that my skin complexion had indeed brightened a lot and it did smoothed my skin. Even Sister mentioned that my skin looked smoother lately compared to before. But the appearances of my open pores are still very visible. LOL!

So, here’s what I think of Kose Sekkisei Herbal Esthetic in a nutshell:

1. Doesn’t break out on my skin.
2. Brightened up skin complexion.
3. Skin looked a lot smoother.
4. Bearable scent.
5. Easy to use and not time consuming.

1. Not cheap.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Price: RM190

Repurchase? Yeah, why not?


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