October Empties

I know that I used to blog about skincare product empties like once in every two months but pardon me for doing it now because I am running out of topic to blog about. I don’t have much new skincare products tor review about apart from several few facial sheet masks. And there’s not gonna be new food posts until few days later when I have the time to dine outside. Mom will be bringing grandma back to hometown next weekend, so hopefully you’ll be seeing pictures of home cooked dishes again soon. LOL!


I managed to finish like four different skincare products in the month of October. All of the above four skincare products were my current personal favorites but unfortunately, I only managed to restock the Laneige Clear-C Effector but not the rest.

Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++: As some of you may have known, I am not an avid user of sunscreen until my holiday trip to Singapore recently whereby I was exposed to the importance of sunscreens. I do use some sunscreens from Laneige previously but they broke out on my skin rather seriously, hence my distrusts towards sunscreens. But after seeing that my skin tone had darkened by a few shades when I came back from Singapore last May, I decided that it’s time to invest on a decent sunscreen. And that’s when Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ came into the scene.

I was sold the moment when the BA at Shiseido squeezed a generous amount of the sunscreen onto my arms and hands and asked me to gently massage them onto my skin. What I liked about this sunscreen was that it doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky feeling albeit I slathered too much of it onto my skin and it leaves a smooth and matte finishing. Best of all, no white casting like some sunscreens may leave. It wasn’t priced cheaply for a 30ml sunscreen but it was absolutely worth it.

Price: B$55

Laneige Clear-C Effector: I was introduced to this product few years back but the BA at Laneige told me that I might not like the feeling of it on my skin considering that I have quite an oily skin. But ever since I had been using Kose Seikisho Clear Lotion in which both had the same texture, I thought why not try Laneige Clear-C Effector as well and see whether it lives up to the hypes for the product.

Loved it after few days of using the product as I could see that my skin complexion had improved greatly. My skin looked smoother. Even my colleagues noticed the difference on my skin lately. LOL! And I am currently on my second bottle of this product. So, you could imagine how impressed I am with this product.

Price: B$51.90

Kose Sekkisei White Liquid Wash: Got this facial cleanser in a trial pack with two other bestselling products of the Sekkisei line – Lotion and Emulsion at the duty free shop of Changi International Airport. I used Kose Sekkisei White Powder Wash previously but I preferred the liquid version more albeit the BA suggested me to go for the powder version since it’s more for oily combination skin. But I personally find the liquid version to be working well on my oily skin. Doesn’t give me massive breakouts and doesn’t seem to worsen my oily skin condition either.

Price: RM124

Clinique All About Eyes: There are two versions of this eye cream, one is the rich version and the other is the normal version. The one which I was using previously was the normal version, which I got from BestBuy World Malaysia few months ago. Albeit the texture looked a little bit rich and oily, but it gets absorbed onto the skin really quick with a matte finishing. It does keep the eyes areas moisturized but doesn’t do much good in terms of reducing the appearances of fine lines. I like this eye cream but not good enough for me to get myself a full size bottle. I am currently using Artistry Youth Xtend Enriching Eye Cream.

Price: RM23 (5ml)


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