Of Random Things #33

I am finally back to work today. My coughing had gotten a lot better and doesn’t cough a lot in the middle of the night either. My flu is still in the process of recovery. Sinuses still come and go but hopefully they will be all better by tomorrow. I took a flu pill yesterday after dinner and my knees went all wobbly when the drowsiness started to kick in. My piece of advice here, don’t take any flu pill if you are gonna drive.

I was coughing non stop yesterday evening before going to bed, so mom made me this home remedy which claimed to be able to stop wet cough.


Boil a pot of water and break an egg into a cup. Scoop a little bit of rock sugar and put them into the cup where you broke your egg into it previously. When the water has started boiling, pour some of them into the cup and let the egg sit for about 5 – 10 minutes with a cap on the lid.


Your egg yolk should look like this when you are drinking the liquid.


The egg yolk doesn’t taste raw albeit the egg yolk wasn’t fully cooked yet. The liquid tasted slightly sweet due to the rock sugar. It somehow managed to stop the coughing fit that I had earlier on. I wouldn’t say it’s completely healed but you will still be coughing a bit once in a while.


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