Review: Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA+++

My flu and cough are almost recovering though I get occasional sinuses on the nose and mucus on my throat. I am taking a day off on this Saturday to do a little bit of window shopping alone. Jia is currently on lots of food ban since she has this allergy whereby the doctor advised her to stay out of majority food and she can only consume vegetables and pork.

We actually planned to have a meal together at Depot V.LO Cafe on last Tuesday but she took a rain check because she had a family obligation that she had to attend. And furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to meet up with me on this coming Saturday because Stephen may be getting the day off from work so she as the girlfriend would definitely opted for accompanying the boyfriend rather than the friend me. LOL! Kaylie would be working till 5:30p.m. in the afternoon so I doubt we would have the time to meet up since I should be at home by then already.

Anyways, we shall see how it goes by then. So tempted to try Auntie Anne’s but I heard the queue was horrendous. One of Jia’s friend queued for approximately 90 minutes just for their pretzels and a customer is only allowed 6 pretzels. I might as well wait till the queue die down before joining the crowd.

You’ll probably have realized that I had finished my previous Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF50 PA+++ as blogged on my October Empties the other day. So, here I am now with a review of a new sunscreen which I picked up from Shiseido counter couple of months back from Parkson, Miri.


A lot of people had been wondering the differences between Shiseido Perfect UV Protector and Shiseido Multi-Defense Protector. Honestly speaking, I couldn’t really identify the differences apart from the texture and scent. LOL! One of the major difference between both of these sunscreen is that the former is housed in a bottle which carries 20ml more than the latter with only RM5 difference in price.


The texture of Perfect UV Protector is a lot runnier than Multi-Defense Protector actually and it comes with a light shade of pink (you wouldn’t find yourself to be pink faced after application though). I personally find the texture of the former to be rather similar with Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector N SPF50+ PA+++. In terms of scent, the former is not heavily scented either as compared to the latter. Albeit the former has a lighter texture and milder scent, I prefer the latter more.

First of all, Perfect UV Protector leaved my skin looking slightly greasy after application although you couldn’t feel the slightest grease when you tried touching the area of application. Secondly, it doesn’t leave a very smooth finishing on my skin as compared to how Multi-Defense Protector did. The good thing about both of these Shiseido sunscreens is that they both wouldn’t leave a white casting on your skin after application.

I could now get the idea why the BA at Shiseido highly recommended me Multi-Defense Protector in the first place when I was scouting for sunscreen. Multi-Defense Protector may be a lot more expensive compared to an equivalent sunscreen like Perfect UV Protector but I liked the texture more and how my skin felt after application.

So, here’s what I think of Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA+++ in a nutshell:

1. Less thicker texture compared to Multi-Defense Protector.
2. Mildly scented.
3. Doesn’t break out on my sensitive skin.
4. Doesn’t feel oily.
5. Cheaper compared to Multi-Defense Protector judging on the size of the bottle.
6. Doesn’t leave white casting.

1. Albeit it doesn’t feel oily, but my skin looked greasy after application.
2. Doesn’t leave a very smooth finishing like Multi-Defense Protector did.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Price: RM135

Repurchase? I don’t think so, preferred Multi-Defense Protector more.


6 thoughts on “Review: Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ PA+++

  1. The majority of reviews I have read say this sunscreen is matte. But when I use it it is exactly like u described it…looks shiny but doesn’t feel greasy. I tried applying varying amounts but the result is still the same. 2 hours after I apply it my nose looks really oily. The only thing I like about this sunscreen is its very water resistant but is easily removed with cleansing oil. Unlike the Biore UV Perfect sunscreens.

    Have u tried the Hada Labo UV emulsion sunscreens ? I been using the Moist version and it really surprised me. It was the bottom of my list of sunscreens to try as it was moisturizing, probably the last thing my oily skin needs in a sunscreen. But it was on sale n I decided to get it. The surprising thing is the HL UV moist emulsion is really light n after i massage it in, it dries to a semi matte finish. Even after a few hours it doesn’t make my skin overly shiny like the Shiseido Perfect UV.

    • Majority reviews that I read about this sunscreen were good so I bought one to try. Kinda regretted buying it in the first place. Should have stick with the Multi Defense instead.

      I find the texture to be similar as Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector N but the Kose sunscreen doesn’t make the skin look extremely oily even after a few hours.

      Nope … I have yet tried the Hada Labo sunscreen. Would love to try it someday if I could find it in Brunei.

      Anyways, have you ever tried the Shiseido Multi Defense? I think it’s a lot better than the Perfect UV.

      • I agree the Kose sunscreen although not matte but the amount of shine kinda stays the same throughout the day. On the directions, it says the Kose sunscreen can be removed with regular cleansers. It wasn’t the case for me. Even after washing with a foaming cleanser 3 times i could still feel a thin rubbery layer on my face.

        I have tried n finished a bottle of the Multi Defense. Much better finish than the Perfect UV but it tends to leave a slight white cast and makes my face a lil too polished. For a guy those 2 things dun really go well. Plus it made my face whiteish when i took pictures with flash. So I wanted a sunscreen with a more natural finish.

    • Surprisingly, I don’t find it hard to wash off Kose Sekkisei Sun Protector N with my usual cleansing oil and facial cleanser. Did you use any cleansing oil or water before facial cleanser?

      I remembered someone ever taught me to blend in a little bit of those foundation liquid with sunscreen so that it finishes off with a much more natural look. Have you ever tried that before?

      I have never tried that before though coz foundation seems to dry up my skin most of the time if i don’t apply enough moisturizer.

  2. Hello! I’m considering buying either one of the two sunscreens mentioned here. I’ve been using Shiseido for my night-time moisturizer and eye cream and have no problem with them. I’m stuck trying to decide which of the sunscreens would better suit me. Like you, my skin is also on the oily, acne-prone, sensitive side. In fact, my dermatologist had me throw out all my products, and I’ve been using just Cetaphil for Oily Skin on my face since, plus a couple of acne healing cream, clindamycin toners, and Obagi blender.

    I’m now looking for a proper sunscreen since it’s been very hot and sunny out these days. Did the Shiseido BA specify why she recommended the multi-defense protector?

    • Hi Laurene!

      I don’t really remember why the BA suggested me Multi Defense in the first place. But I think that was the first and only product she whipped out from her counter and demonstrated on my skin when I told her that I wanted to purchase a sunscreen.

      But she did highlight that the texture of Multi Defense is much more matte than Perfect UV. With Perfect UV, your skin may look oily after application but it is not at all oily to the touch. I did mention in my review that I preferred Multi Defense over Perfect UV. It took me a long time before I get used to Perfect UV. But I am okay with Perfect UV now as I had even bought a second bottle.

      I think Shiseido had discontinued Multi Defense if I am not mistaken as you could not find Multi Defense at any Shiseido counter. I had been to a few Shiseido counters and they only have Perfect UV.

      I am no expert here, but can I know which brand have you been using previously? Like you said, we both have the same skin type but my skin works well with a few brands.

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