Lunch @ Sarang Korean Restaurant, Brunei

Ing came down to Bandar from Miri this morning so we made arrangement to meet up for lunch after I had sent my mom and grandma to the airport. Before going out for lunch, I stopped by Airport Mall at LARA CORP to get a screen protector for my Sony NEX-3N. They don’t actually sell the screen protector for the said digital camera but the staff was willing to DIY it for me with their current selling HTC screen protector at the price of B$10 for the screen protector without additional labor charge.

A colleague of mine mentioned to me that there is a camera shop in Miri which sells the screen protector for my type of digital camera but I think it was selling for RM30. That being said, I think it’s cheaper to have it done in Brunei instead of Miri.

Anyways, Ing and I arranged to meet up at Sarang Korean Restaurant at 2:00p.m. but she found out that the said restaurant is closing at 2:00p.m. as well. So, I told her to do the ordering first. Surprisingly, she managed to get the orders right. Hahaha … She ordered Gim Bap and Mandu before I arrived. And I ordered another Jap Chae and Happy Choice myself. Turned out that both of us could not finish what we ordered so we had some as takeaways.


The interior of Sarang Korean Restaurant.


Introducing you my lunch companion for the day – Ing!


I think she is gonna kill me if she sees this. Hahaha … xD

Anyways, let’s start with the food pictures. The both of us ordered too much for two. I even told Ing that if we have a male friend dining with us just now, we would be able to finish all the food. Turned out KinG was in Bandar during noon time but I did not bother to invite him out since he said he had family social obligation to attend to.


Complimentary condiments


Gim Bap | B$6.00

This is one of my favorite food at Sarang Korean Restaurant. It’s selling for B$3.00 per roll but you are required to order at least 2 rolls. It’s cheap and it’s nice as well. It doesn’t taste like the usual Japanese sushi that we usually have. Korean Gim Bap tasted more bland compared to Japanese sushi. But they are still good enough for me.


Mandu | B$10.00

The first time I had this was when I was having dinner at Sarang Korean Restaurant with Jennifer. Did not take any food picture back then because it was a little bit awkward as Jennifer brought her cousin along whom I am not familiar with. Don’t wanna scare people with my habit of taking food pictures at every meal. Hahaha … This Mandu comes in two different options – Bulgogi and Kimchi. I had never tried the latter, maybe I should someday.


Jap Chae | B$8.00

Another favorite food of mine at Sarang Korean Restaurant. I never liked Jap Chae in the first place until when Seng Yee, Jia and I went out for dinner together and Seng Yee ordered this Jap Chae. I was hooked ever since. It was a little bit spicy but you could tell the waitress to make the spicy level moderate. I normally can stand spicy food but due to the fact that my cough has yet fully recovered, I decided not to go extreme this time.


Happy Choice | B$13.50

Ordered this for Ing because Sarang Korean Restaurant is famous for their Korean Fried Chicken! What’s going to Sarang Korean Restaurant without trying their signature Korean Fried Chicken? We both did not manage to finish the drumsticks and had the remaining three drumsticks as takeaways for Ing and her friends. We had the Original and Sweet Chili.

Sarang Korean Restaurant
Unit 6, Block J,
Batu Bersurat,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-8607830


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