Breakfast @ Countrypatch Cafe, Kiulap

Internet just came back after hours of being disconnected due to the technical error from the eSpeed service provider side. To make things worse, my phone was constantly in and out of reception throughout half of the afternoon since I got home until half an hour before my dinner. Even messaged both Jia and KinG to ask if they are experiencing the same problem or it was just my iPhone dying on me (an excuse to get myself an iPhone 5S). LOL!

Anyways, Ing invited me out for breakfast with Teng and Annette. We were deciding on which cafe to go to for breakfast and no one seems to be able to come up with a decision. So, I narrowed down the option by asking them what kind of breakfast would they like to have – Chinese or Western. I think it was Teng who chose Western. I only knew a few decent place when it comes to Western breakfast – Bakerlyn Cafe, Countrypatch Cafe, Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop and Mr. Baker’s Cafeteria.

I think it was Teng again who chose Countrypatch Cafe and again, I narrowed down for them if they wanted to have breakfast at the main branch or Times Square. Both Teng and I chose the branch at Times Square because we both were fully aware how crowded the main branch could be especially on a Sunday morning. But both Annette and Ing decided against Times Square because it was far for them to drive there and it’s always congested with cars.

To be honest, they were right. KinG invited me out for coffee at Gloria Jean’s Coffees yesterday evening and we were both stuck by the entrance for approximately 10 minutes before we are able to get into the entrance junction leading to Airport Mall. We both decided to save the hassles of looking for parking spaces and parked our cars at the basement of Airport Mall instead. Lesson learnt, never ever go to Times Square on a weekend night unless you don’t mind getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Anyways, the four of us agreed to meet at Countrypatch Cafe, Kiulap at 10:00a.m. this morning but all four of us turned up late. Both Annette and Teng were the first to arrive followed by me later on. And Ing turned up the latest. LOL!

I am not gonna ramble much anymore. So, here comes the food pictures of what we had this morning.


Caramel Latte | B$4.80

I wanted something sweet to drink with caffeine, so I ordered Caramel Latte since I did not get my caffeine dose yesterday. I only ordered myself a cup of Hot Chocolate yesterday evening at Gloria Jean’s Coffees. But it turned out that Countrypatch Cafe version of Caramel Latte is not like the other Caramel Latte which I had tasted from other cafes. I couldn’t taste the slightest hint of caramel. This cup of coffee tasted more like an ordinary latte to me rather than a caramelized latte!


Chicken Bolognese | B$8.50

My choice of breakfast. Teng asked what I thought of their pasta. To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything special about their pasta. Their Bolognese sauce was a little bit too wet for my liking. In terms of flavor, it was okay and the minced chicken portion seems to be generous in my opinion.


Street Special | B$10.90

Teng’s choice of breakfast. The actual price of this breakfast set was actually B$9.90 and it came with a drink of your choice. Teng requested her egg to be scrambled, so there was an additional B$1 charge to it. This set looked pretty healthy to me because instead of serving plain white bread, they served wholemeal bread and they weren’t toasted. It was supposed to be toasted but they forgot to toast her bread because Ing’s bread were toasted. LOL!


Street Special | B$9.90

Ing is an anti-beef person just like me. So, she opted for chicken ham instead of beef bacon rashes. The beef bacon rashes on Teng’s platter looked nice but too bad, beef is not allowed on my dietary. LOL! Ing requested her eggs to be well done but when this was being served to her in the first place, the eggs were only half done. So, she requested them to be brought back to the kitchen. And in less than a minute later, the staff brought back her plate with well done eggs. We all thought it was fast. xD


Pancake Parlour | B$7.50

Annette’s choice of breakfast. Four pieces of fluffy pancakes with three slices of bananas and huge dollop of whipped cream. She also ordered a side dish of 2 slices of chicken ham for B$2, which literally meant that it was B$1 for a slice of chicken ham.

Breakfast this morning was an enjoyable one though this was the second time I had breakfast with Teng together and a first with Annette. We stayed roughly for about 2 hours before we leave the cafe. I think we were the only patrons who stayed that long over breakfast this morning. LOL! And here’s a picture of Ing before I end today’s blog entry.


As usual, hogging her Samsung Note 3 whenever she could find wireless Internet connection. LOL!

Anyways, I’ll be doing Cooking Diary blog entries featuring my home cooked dishes for the next few days. Mom is back to hometown for a few days, so it’s my responsibility to fill my own tummy as well as my dad’s. Actually, mom told me that I don’t have to cook for dad since he could always cook himself instant noodles but I don’t think I could stand eating company’s provided lunch meals for the next few days without getting sick (bored) of them. So, I rather cook my own lunch to bring to work. LOL!

Countrypatch Cafe
No: 3, Block D,
Bangunan Haji Abdul Rahman,
Kampung Kiulap,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2232368


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