Cooking Diary Day #21

I know I am supposed to make Tomatoes Omelette with Fish Cakes today but I couldn’t get the right ingredients yesterday due to my laziness to drive to Supa Save, Gadong after dinner with Jennifer at Din’s Bistro. At first, I thought of driving to Hua Ho, Kiulap when I was at Beribi roundabout but got lazy in the end, hence stopped by at the Soon Lee nearby to my house.

And guess what? They don’t have any nice looking and juicy tomato and the fish cakes which I saw, I assumed that they were about to be returned back to the supplier as they were not displayed at where they should be. So, I ended up getting cucumbers instead. *sigh*


My competency in cooking eggs or omelette had improved drastically. I don’t have any burnt side or whatsover. The trick is to never add in water into the eggs if you are planning to make omelette. I know some of you may have known this.

I used to have the habit of putting some water into the egg batter before I make omelette so that the omelette would look fluffy and taste soft. But little did I know it will only add weight to the egg, hence making flipping over extremely hard without ripping the entire omelette into halves or more!


My successful looking medium done egg with egg yolk oozing out when poked.


My egg sandwich on buttered toasted bread. No ketchup this time because the only dipping sauce that I had at home was Maggie Chili Sauce. xD


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