Review: Din’s Bistro, Brunei

Some of you may or may not have known that there is a new Western restaurant which was opened not long ago in Gadong area. The restaurant is currently in the stage of soft opening only. No exact date on when the grand opening would be. The restaurant itself is located on the same block as Fun Han Shao Korean BBQ, Brunei but at the very far end. The restaurant could be easily spotted due to it’s brightly lit signage at the entrance.

Jennifer and I arranged to meet up for dinner as she had to pass over some of the stuffs which I requested her to get for me from Singapore Changi International Airport. She brought her cousin as well, so it was a dinner for three. Reserved a table from Din’s Bistro Facebook one day before because I am not sure how packed the restaurant would be since it was just opened.

Wondered how I knew about this newly opened restaurant when it had yet been heavily advertised or publicized yet? I found it when I was reading the updates of Cecimissy one day. The restaurant belonged to a friend of her boyfriend and she was being invited for food tasting. The curiosity in me got me into asking her the restaurant’s whereabouts and the name of it. I only found out that it was officially opened recently when she replied to one of my comments on her blog.


The restaurant itself was minimally decorated at the moment. There wasn’t much decoration in the restaurant. Both Jennifer and I believed that the restaurant could use a bit of pictures in frames hanging on the wall. I had been to some of the bistros back when I was still studying in the UK, bistros are usually dimly lit in my opinion. LOL!

But anyways, not here to ramble about the decorations and stuffs. So, here comes the food pictures if you are waiting anxiously for it. xD


Complimentary Garlic Bread

Loved their complimentary garlic bread! The bread was soft, buttered and oven baked to perfection. Albeit it wasn’t crunchy on the sides as some other garlic breads which I had tasted, this was considered as one of the best. *thumbs up*


Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine With Lamb Cutlets | B$21

This was actually not on the menu. They do have Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine on the menu but I requested for an add on of lamb cutlets. To me, B$21 seems a little bit steep in pricing but thank God, it was well worth it. The lamb cutlets were medium done with slightly redness in the meat when sliced and they weren’t overcooked. Albeit being left for quite some time before finishing them off, the lamb cutlets were still soft and juicy.

The pasta however was the bomb for me. They were cooked al dente and the portion of button mushrooms was generous in my opinion. I love button mushrooms! The creamy carbonara sauce was flavorful but tad bit oily for me, assuming the oil at the base of the plate were actually the butter. All in all, I love this plate of pasta though it’s expensive. I don’t mind ordering the same thing next time but perhaps minus the lamb cutlets? xD

The original price of Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine is B$12 on the menu and each lamb cutlet is charged at B$5. But the total bill for my pasta dish turned out to be B$21 only on the receipt. I only realized it when I was going through the receipt when I got home and I overcharged Jennifer as well. LOL! Gotta pay her the balance when I see her next time.


Creamy Herb Marinated Ocean Trout Linguine | B$13

Jennifer’s choice of main course for yesterday’s dinner. Some of you may think that the orange looking colored fish slices would be salmon but truth be told, it’s not despite looking almost similar. It’s actually from an Ocean Trout. Jennifer doesn’t want a heavy meal so the guy who took our order (assuming he’s the Restaurant Manager) recommended her this Creamy Herb Marinated Ocean Trout Linguine as it’s not that creamy as compared to the others. But she still finds it a little bit creamy. The pasta was cooked to perfection, al dente.


B Burger | B$8 + B$4 (2 sides)

Jennifer’s cousin choice of main course. He’s not into pasta and therefore, B Burger it is. B Burger comes with a homemade beef patty dressed in tomato puree. The B Burger was the size of my fist only. It’s considered a small portion for a guy. According to him, the beef patty tasted a little bland but tasted alright when accompanied with the tomato puree. For those of you who like beef to be medium cooked, you might like it because it tasted very “meat”.

He ordered another 2 sides – homemade Onion Rings and Fries. I wouldn’t say these were fries in the above picture, but more like potato wedges. They should be oven baked instead of deep fried because they were oily in the end. The homemade Onion Rings looked humongous by the way. We were wondering how can an onion ring be this big?! So, we came to an assumption that these were Bombay onions instead of those household onions that we cooked with and mixed with a lot of batter.

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10

Verdict: I like the customer service provided at the restaurant. Every patrons were greeted the moment when they walked into the restaurant. Food portion and taste were great in my opinion.

But unfortunately, I find the seating to be a little bit uncomfortable. We voiced out this issue to the guy who took our orders when he asked about the food during payment. We told him that the distance between the table and the sofa couch seems to be a little bit far away from each other as only half of our bums were seated so that we can eat properly.

As this restaurant is established in serving fine Western cuisine, I am expecting a lot of patrons during occasion like Valentines’ Day. Therefore, couple tables are mandatory rather than big tables for family. I only saw a table for two by the corner of the restaurant. The restaurant needed a bit more decorations like hanging pictures in frames on the wall to make it look and feel more cozy. By the way, the menu selection was limited at the moment. So hopefully, they will have more to offer soon.

Din’s Bistro
No: 8, Block E,
Ground Floor,
Abdul Razak Complex,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-8786160
Facebook: Din’s Bistro


4 thoughts on “Review: Din’s Bistro, Brunei

    • Yeah, it was a great and pleasant experience but I find their menu selection to be quite limited at the moment. Would they be extending their menu selection?

      Have you heard of Pappa Rich before? They are opening a franchise here in Brunei on the next block to Mohan Carpet. The place used to be the biggest toy store in Brunei. Quite a huge place they have got there for Pappa Rich. Still under renovation, not sure when it’s due to open yet.

      • Hehe, yeah.. i think they will extend their menu selection in the near future.. the limited choices is probably due to the short of staffs..

        Never heard of Pappa Rich before.. where is this franchise from? They’re opening at JusToys? That building is huge inside.. After the toy store was no more, they used the building to open up a food court upstairs as I remember.. hehehe.. haven’t been there in years!!!

        Did you know that there’s also going to be another restaurant opening soon at the place where Grazie Mauri used to be in Gadong (same row as Happy Star)..

    • The owner (aka the chef) came out to talk to some of the patrons the other day. I saw him and he’s so young. Did he learn his culinary skills from western countries?

      I think Pappa Rich is a Malaysian franchise just like Old Town White Coffee. Yeah, they are opening at JusToys but I am not sure how much square feet are they taking but assuming that they are gonna take the whole lot of the ground floor.

      Hmm … Hasn’t been window shopping around Gadong area for quite some time. I mean the areas outside The Mall. LOL! Have you got any idea what restaurant it’s gonna open? I recalled hearing that Kaizen Sushi will open in Gadong but I doubt it’s gonna happen since Kaizen Sushi Kiarong is just so nearby.

      The only new restaurant which I am aware of now is the new branch of Senja Lounge. It’s located on the same block as Baiduri Bank, Kiulap. Instead of using the name of Senja Lounge, it’s now called Senja Restaurant and it serves both lunch and dinner.

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