Cooking Diary Day #22

Today would be the last day I am cooking both myself and dad lunches as mom will be back from hometown today afternoon. Thank God! The water supply came very little yesterday evening when I came home from work and thankfully, it was back this morning when I woke up. I was worried about cleaning the pots and pans if there happened to be no water in the morning.

I managed to get a piece of fresh local silken tofu with some boneless breast fillets for my Minced Chicken with Local Silken Tofu & Abalone Mushroom in Soy Sauce. I found out about this recipe when I was Google-ing on what to cook. It may not look exactly the same but close as I improvised a little bit of the recipe.


Minced Chicken With Local Silken Tofu & Abalone Mushroom In Soy Sauce

Marinated the minced chicken yesterday evening before I went to bed and took them out from the fridge an hour before I was due to cook them. I found out from the Internet that we are not supposed to cook marinated meat left in the fridge instantly after taking them out. I was contemplating on whether or not to pan fry the local silken tofu before cooking them. But the laziness in me decided not to in the end because I was already running late preparing for work.


Here’s a closer look of my today’s dish. Sauteed them with quite a lot of ginger stripes and some of them ended up sticking together in lumps. *sigh* Thankfully, the taste was great. LOL!


2 thoughts on “Cooking Diary Day #22

    • Hahaha … I thought so too at first especially with the lighting of the picture. But it’s the color of the soy sauce. I had it marinated overnight so that the flavoring will go into the meat.

      Unfortunately, the marination wasn’t long enough as the meat still taste rather bland to me the next day. Perhaps the sauce has all gone into the broth.

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