Charles & Keith Wishlist

I was window shopping alone at The Mall yesterday afternoon after lunch at home. Planning to meet up with Kaylie at The Mall but our Whatsapp sort of went haywire yesterday and we couldn’t contact each other. So, I decided to leave early and headed over to Hua Ho, Yayasan for some grocery shopping and got something for myself from Laneige.

I was at Charles & Keith yesterday and I found two things which caught my attention. Not sure if I wanna buy them because they don’t come cheap and I am not sure if I am gonna use them often.

So, let me show you what I found.


Slingback Sandals with Gemstones | S$49.90

This pair of sandals is retailing for S$49.90 on Charles & Keith online but I am pretty sure the price is marked up by a couple few bucks in Brunei due to the logistic, custom fees and stuffs. I had tried it on yesterday and size 37 seems to fit me just fine. But due to it’s over-flatness, I am afraid that my foot soles are gonna go sore after some time. The sandals do look good on my feet though. It sort of made my feet looking even more fairer. LOL!

2013-L3-CK2-20680074-01-1-3702013-L3-CK2-20680074-01-2-370 (1)

Quilt Shoulder Bag with Gold Plated Logo & Magnetic Closure | S$59.90

I think this bag was retailed for B$59.90 in Charles & Keith, Brunei too. I am not a huge fan of those Boy Chanel inspired bags but this one caught my attention. It wasn’t extremely heavy and the metal strap was about the right length that I was looking for. Haven’t shown this to Sister but she said small bags ain’t my style but big bags are. *sweat*

The drawback of this bag is that it’s too small for my Prada wallet as well as my Sony NEX-3N. I know, who brings so many things to a wedding dinner? Maybe I should just stick with my Longchamp Planetes Tote to Elsey’s wedding next month? What do you think?


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