I am going extreme on blogging today, 3 blog entries in less than an hour! Yesterday was the second anniversary of Daily Snippets Of Life on WordPress. I am still thinking of switching it to dot com but haven’t found a hosting company to do so and a graphic designer to deal with the layout of the website. I could buy those ready made chic looking template from BluChic, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Anyways, Wafles is not the floury dessert that we have in a cafe or at home. Wafles is a mix bred Chihuahua and Jack Russell puppy of both Jia and Stephen. They bought him three months ago when he was still a puppy of merely few days old.

He used to be a quiet and shy puppy back then but as he got familiar with the surrounding, he started to turn more into a hyperactive and naughty puppy who likes to lick people feet, climb onto thighs or damage his own shelter. LOL! As far as I know, he managed to bite off the telephone cable of Jia’s house and a housefly bat. He hates it if you try to move away his shelter house. When he sees you doing that, he will immediately run and sit on his shelter house. Smart ass dog. LOL!



Don’t expect to be able to take a steady shot of Wafles. He is always running around the house. When you think he’s gonna sit, he will be running again the next second. That’s how active he is. The only time when he’s quiet was probably during his sleeping time.


Eyeing the packet of strawberry flavored snack in my hand.




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