Dinner @ Sushi Tei, Gadong Central

I heard Sushi Tei will be opening their second outlet at FRESHCO. But it has yet opened for business, probably still undergoing renovation. Kaylie and I had dinner at Sushi Tei yesterday evening. She was craving for their Chicken Katsu Udon, hence she suggested Sushi Tei when I told her that I do not have any preference. We actually planned to go Cheezbox Cafe & Restaurant in the interim but settled with Sushi Tei again in the end.

Both of us were running a bit late compared to our arranged time of meet up but arrived at the same time. LOL! Sushi Tei was only half occupied throughout our entire dining time. Guess that the crowd had died down already since the restaurant had been opened for a couple of months. I did not bother to order a lot of sushi dishes this time round since I had a bit of light dinner at workplace before I met up with Kaylie for proper dinner.


Green Tea | B$1.00

Mandatory drink to have at any Japanese restaurant.


So, here comes the pictures of the food that we had yesterday evening for dinner.


Chicken Katsu Udon | B$10.80

Kaylie’s choice of dinner for yesterday evening. The last time I went Sushi Tei with her, she had this Chicken Katsu Ramen. She has this habit of ordering the same thing every time she goes to the same restaurant until she got sick of the food, then she will find something new to try. But most of the time, they are almost similar to the previous ones that she used to have. Perhaps it will be Chicken Katsu Soba next time? LOL! And I don’t even know if it exists on their menu.


Karaage Curry Rice | B$9.50

The last time I had Chicken Curry Katsu was probably in early of the year at Excapade Shokudo. I used to make myself homemade Chicken Curry Katsu back when I was still studying in the UK as it’s convenient to get those Japanese curry cubes from TESCO at a reasonable pricing albeit it’s a imported food product. But instead of cooking it with chicken, I usually cook it with pork because it’s so easy to get pork from NETTO nearby to the place I lived.

When I was browsing through the menu for their Chicken Curry Katsu, I was wondering the difference between Katsu and Karaage. LOL! And when it was being served, only then I realized the difference of them both. Katsu actually comes with normal deep fried chicken breast fillet but Karaage comes with deep fried boneless chicken thighs. I preferred the latter anyways. So, thank God that I ordered the right thing. But unfortunately, I find their curry broth to be too salty and the preserved radishes were too sweet for my liking. But the portion was super generous as it came with about 6 – 7 pieces of the chicken. Definitely not the food which I would order again the next time I go Sushi Tei.


Chocolate Wafer | B$6.50

This is what made me so wanted to go Sushi Tei albeit my preference for Japanese cuisine has always been Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. The plate was icy cold when it was being served to us. We requested to have this served when we finished our main course. The wafer was a little bit soggy but they still tasted alright. The fillings were made out of vanilla ice cream with a layer of chocolate in between. Kaylie requested for two forks from the waitress but she ended up not using them because it’s way more easier and faster to hold the Chocolate Wafer with your fingers. LOL!


Sister got me a one year validity Sushi Tei Card when she had her lunch with Jennifer last June. Sushi Tei was doing a promotion back then whereby all patrons are eligible for the application of Sushi Tei Card regardless how much they spent in the restaurant. This card entitles you 20% discount during your birthday month and 10% discount on regular months.

Sushi Tei
42 & 43, Bangunan Gadong Central,
Kampung Menglait, Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2449977


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