Review: Mango & Durian Strudel @ The Xinful Cafe

After our lunch at Ristorante Buon Gusto yesterday afternoon, the three of us headed over to The Xinful Cafe for a second round meal. I wouldn’t say it’s second round because we are not having main course but desserts only. Bumped into Jia while I was going out from the cafe and heading over to my car. She had a meet up with Jing and Alan at The Xinful Cafe too.

I had been wanting to try the Durian Strudel at The Xinful Cafe but it’s hard for me to look for someone who are as eager as I am apart from my very own Sister and KinG. Sister went back to China weeks ago and KinG doesn’t come down Bandar very often either. But lucky for me, Jennifer is willing to try anything new as long as they don’t taste horrid. So, hooray that I found a food partner.

The Xinful Cafe released two flavors of strudels – Mango and Durian. For those of you who doesn’t know what strudel is. It’s actually made of layers of puffy pastries and filled with fillings in between each and every layers. But the most famous strudel which I had tasted so far was the Apple Strudel.


Mango Strudel | B$5

The strudel wasn’t freshly made when we served. It was already placed inside the chilled displayed cabinets with other types of desserts. The fillings were made out of whipped cream and mango slices. Unfortunately, the mango slices were extremely sour for my liking. The strudel would have tasted a lot nicer if they were more sweeter. And the pastry puffs were a complete failure. Why? The whole thing just crumbled when we try to cut them apart. And worst, it was extremely hard to cut them apart as it had been exposed to cold air for quite some time already. Jennifer even kidded that we should have taken a picture of the before and after of the Mango Strudel. LOL!


Durian Strudel | B$5


A close up look at the Durian Strudel

The Durian Strudel was a little bit fresher compared to the Mango Strudel as the whole thing doesn’t crumble as bad as the former when I tried to cut them apart. The fillings were made out of whipped cream and durian flesh. The taste was good but if the puffy pastry had been crispier, it would have been a lot nicer. But according to Jennifer, the taste of the durian had been to overwhelming. Even the smell was because she could smell the durian when it was being served to us even when she was having a blocked nasal yesterday. I liked their Durian Strudel more than their Mango Strudel.

I had posted both pictures of the Mango and Durian Strudel on my Instagram yesterday and Sister left a comment by asking if the strudels were worth a second visit. Honestly speaking, I don’t mind returning to The Xinful Cafe but definitely not for their strudels. Their other cakes were good but maybe not their strudels. If you like strudels, do try the Apple Strudel from Fleur-de-lys Bakeshop. I am planning to return to The Xinful Cafe to try their Apple Crumble.

The Xinful Cafe
Simpang: 21, Block B,
Unit 19, Gadong Central,
Mukim Gadong,
Bandar Seri Begawan,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2457965

6 thoughts on “Review: Mango & Durian Strudel @ The Xinful Cafe

    • Have you ever tried one before since you had been to Hong Kong? A lot of my friends and colleagues said they smelled stinky but tasted very good. Especially the ones from Taiwan. It came with tea flavor. Smelled like drainage but when eaten, completely different taste. LOL!

      • The only time I was close to durian must have been when I was about 10 or something. No way I was going to eat something that was smelly! I still refuse to eat stinky tofu.

    • The last time when I was in China, I came across this street whereby it was extremely stinky. I thought it was some drains not cleaned properly. Turned out there’s a stall selling stinky tofu on the roadside. LOL!

      And my friend teased me about not trying stinky tofu because it’s one of his favorite food. China is not the place where I’ll try stinky tofu even if I wanted to. xD

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