Dinner @ Pizza Hut, Gadong

There’s Sleeping Beauty On Skates starting from this Friday until next Monday with two shows per day apart from Sunday. There will be three shows per day on Sunday which start at 10:00a.m., 3:00p.m. and 8:00p.m. I wanted to go to the show on Sunday morning but both Kaylie and her sister wanted the evening show instead. So, I am now waiting for her sister’s decision if she wanted to go for the Friday evening show instead.


A colleague of mine requested me to help her buying the tickets for Monday evening show for both her and her boyfriend. I am not sure how many tickets were already sold but I think it wasn’t that well received compared to Disney On Ice from few years back. Shall know on this Friday whether entrance tickets are selling good or not.

Kaylie and I went to Jernik Remittance before dinner as I have to bank in some money to the seller for my Longchamp Cabas Tote. I actually handed the money to Kaylie last weekend since she told me that she will be opening a bank account at Maybank, Miri on Monday morning. But unfortunately, the entire Maybank system was down on that particular day. Out of desperation, I turned to KinG and asked if he’s able to online transfer the fund to the seller via his account. But he had some other commitments few days ago and had yet topped up his bank account. Hence the reason why I decided to use Jernik Remittance in the end.

If you are interested in branded designer bags, try Miss Tudou. The pricing of the designer bags sold on her website were reasonable and they are cheaper than Singapore. Best still, they were all brought in from either US or Europe.

Anyways, not gonna rattle much on my experience of buying designer bags online. So, here comes the details of my dinner with Kaylie at Pizza Hut, Gadong yesterday evening. Kaylie suggested Swensen’s but I remembered her telling me that she got sick of the food there when I suggested Swensen’s few days ago. It turned out that she’s actually craving for ice-cream desserts when it’s her time of the month. After much nagging from me, she decided on Pizza Hut. There are two Pizza Hut(s) in Gadong – The Mall and Abdul Razak Complex. We chose the one outside The Mall albeit it was drizzling.


Coke | B$2.00

Was craving for some cold Coke so I ordered one when I usually have a glass of warm water. Couldn’t finish the entire thing but half only. Specifically requested my Coke to come without ice.


Cappuccino | B$3.90

Scared of being nagged by Kevin (the boyfriend) when she reaches home, Kaylie ordered a cup of Cappuccino when she’s actually craving for some ice-blended drinks from the menu.


Chicken Fingers | B$5.50

This is a deep fried breaded chicken breast fillets. I am usually not a huge fan of chicken breast fillets but this was surprisingly good when dipped with the accompanying dipping sauce. The Chicken Fingers were juicy and tender. Do try this if you want something to eat before your pizza order arrive.


Crunchy Cheesy Bites Honey Garlic Chicken Pizza | B$18.90

We were both being introduced to the newly launched pizza crust of Pizza Hut – Crunchy Cheesy Bites. It looked extremely appetizing on the brochures but when it was being served to us, we were pretty much disappointed. The Crunchy Cheesy Bites range of pizzas came with a dipping sauce – Swiss Fondue Cheese Dip. The base of the pizza was a lot thinner than the usual pan pizza that we ordered. The cornflakes couldn’t stay “intact” on the dough and they kept on falling off onto the plate while we were eating it.

We are usually allowed to have two flavors of pizza toppings on either regular or large pan pizza but with Crunchy Cheesy Bites, you won’t be allowed to. So, make sure that you ordered the topping that you really like or else you would think that this whole pizza is a waste of money. Both Kaylie and I were disappointed with the pizza. We both agreed that pan pizza was a lot nicer. The cheese inside the stuffed crust weren’t exactly the “melty” type anymore but a little bit hard.

To be honest, the reason why both Kaylie and I chose Pizza Hut outside The Mall was that we remembered that there was no service charge on top of the bill. After we finished placing our orders, the waitress informed us that the serving time would be in within 7 to 9 minutes and she also mentioned something about service. But unfortunately, the both of us were too occupied with talking and barely listened to what the waitress was talking about. LOL!

Upon every serving of our drinks to pizza, the waitress kept on telling us to enjoy our drinks, appetizer and pizza which Kaylie found it rather annoying. We were quite surprised with the improvement of their customer services based on what I remembered from my last patronage. Out of a sudden, it hits me that I remembered hearing the waitress mentioning something about service. I asked Kaylie whether there could be an additional service charge? It turned out that I was right, there was indeed an additional 5% service charge on top of the total bill.

If we had known that there was an additional 5% service charge at the Pizza Hut outside The Mall, we would have just stayed at the branch in The Mall instead of getting all the troubles of walking under the rain with an umbrella!

Pizza Hut, Gadong
Block J, No: 2 & 3,
Jalan Gadong,
Brunei Darussalam.
Tel: +673-2226111


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