Baking #1: Molten Chocolate Pudding

We will be entering a brand new year in another 30 more days. Time sure fly by very quickly this year. And the good news is, I am flying to Bangkok during Chinese New Year. I think traveling during Chinese New Year seems to be like a habit for my family and I over the past few years. Well, we started traveling last year. We flew to both Melbourne and Gold Coast, Australia.

Anyways, I went out this morning to do a little bit of both grocery and stationary shopping. I went Hua Ho, Yayasan for stationary shopping after lunch at Kaizen Sushi Waterfront. I actually intended to head over to Aroi Food Court for Seoul Garden but the place was almost full, so Kaizen Sushi Waterfront it was for lunch.

Drove over to Supa Save, Mabohai Shopping Complex but the place was extremely congested with no extra parking space left. I wonder how crowded it’s gonna be when Starbucks Coffee opens there. It was rumored that Starbucks Coffee will be opened at Mabohai Shopping Complex. And since I had long planned to bake Molten Chocolate Pudding today, I had no choice but make a detour and drive over to Supa Save, Beribi. Thankfully, there were ample of parking spaces when I arrived. Bought some vegetables, toiletries and the ingredients needed for my Molten Chocolate Pudding.

There were a lot of almost similar recipes of Molten Chocolate Pudding when you Google searched them. Majority of the recipes have their unit measurement in the form of ounces but I preferred if they were in grams. And I found this …



I DIY-ed a little bit here and there and came up with my own version of Molten Chocolate Pudding. It wasn’t completely successful but I wouldn’t say it was non-edible either.

So, here’s my list of ingredients which I altered from the recipe given above:

  • 125g Lurpak Danish Butter Unsalted
  • 200g Cadbury Premium Baking Dark Chocolate
  • 2 large eggs and 2 egg yolks
  • 110g refined brown sugar
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • 20g self-raising flour (sifted)


The first thing I did before starting with my baking session is to heat up my oven to 170 degree Celsius. Melt the chocolate and butter in a heatproof bowl over a pot of gently simmered water.


I chopped the Cadbury Premium Baking Dark Chocolate into slices so that they can melt faster and it doesn’t take up much space of the heatproof bowl.


Pour the eggs, brown sugar and vanilla essence into a large bowl and beat them until they turned pale and creamy (I used an electric mixer) while waiting for the chocolate and butter to melt. For my case, they did not turn very pale because it was brown sugar which I used instead of refined white sugar. I do not have a picture of how it looked like pale and creamy. Fold your melted chocolate and butter into the egg mixture with the sifted self raising flour. Make sure that they are properly sifted or else you’ll see lumps in the batter.


This is how it looked like in the end before they are poured into buttered moulds.

Instead of using ramekins, I bought five pieces of mini aluminium cake tins which are supposed to be for pie making. LOL! Ramekins are not cheap and they are hard to find in Brunei. I tried Hua Ho, Yayasan but I couldn’t find any. Perhaps I did not search the right aisle, so I ended up with aluminium cake tins.


Butter your moulds with some butter before you pour the chocolate mixture over so that they are easy to be removed from the mould when they are baked. It took approximately 17 minutes before I removed them from the oven and they did not look fully cooked to me. But I am afraid that it’s gonna go all hardened if I bake them for another 3 minutes. So, decided to settle with these.


Funny how they turned out in the end. A lot different compared to Jia’s.


The one thing which I am happy about was that I could see molten chocolate flowing out. It was a little bit under cooked but not completely inedible. They were pretty sweet albeit I used brown sugar. Maybe cut short on the dosage by half next time?

I sent an image of my Molten Chocolate Pudding to Jennifer via Whatsapp and she said it looked good. Well, looks could be deceiving sometimes. She did not know that I baked it and she asked which cafe it was from. LOL! If there’s any cafe in town which serves such not so good looking Molten Chocolate Pudding, they will be closing for good very soon. Hahaha … xD

photo (2)

photo (3)

Andrea baked something similar too this afternoon but she claimed hers was Brownie Fudge and it was salty. Then it suddenly gave me the idea that maybe I should add a pinch of salt and add up the dosage of self-raising flour the next time I try baking Molten Chocolate Pudding.

I guess that’s all for today’s blog entry. My altered recipe is not 100% perfect but there are always space for improvement. But if you happened to try baking this, do tell me how it turned out. xD


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